Iloilo City jeepney routes can be confusing due to the new routes implemented. This jeepney route guide hopes to help you explore the streets of Iloilo City. Disclaimer: This post is written from the point of view of a passenger. This may not assure 100% accuracy. Should there be corrections […]


List of Iloilo City Holidays for 2024 is up. Iloilo City is adhering to the national holidays and special non-working holidays. There are also additional local holidays celebrated in the city. For Eid’l Fitr and Eid’l Adha, the official announcement will come from the Office of the President. There are […]


Emergency contact numbers are crucial. They are equipped to respond quickly and efficiently to various emergencies, like natural disasters, accidents, public health crises, and security threats. Having dedicated emergency contact numbers ensures that individuals can quickly reach the appropriate authorities to report incidents and request assistance. Report Any Drug Related […]

Bingawan is situated at the heart of Panay Island. It is bounded on the north by the Municipality of Tapaz, Province of Capiz; on the northeast by the Municipality of Dumalag, also of Capiz; on the northwest by the Municipality of Passi; and the southeast by the Municipality of Calinog, […]

Leon is known as the citadel of freedom. A frontier town Leon was founded in 1730 by its first capitan, Bernabe Bungkag. In 1738, it became the pueblo of Camando (from Camandag Tree). Its first parish priest was Fray Andres Solar. It had a plaza, church, convent, belfry, casa real, […]

One evening in February of 1966, the Iloilo skies were ablaze with fiery hues permeating the night light. A fire originating from Iznart Street had begun to gain momentum, stretching its scorching talons across the city. It was unexpected; it was devastating; and it was to forever redesign the geography […]

Ker & Co., Ltd. are exclusive distributors, shipping agents, insurance agents, and indentors. Among the products sold by this firm are sewing thread, milk, fluorescent lamps, candies, coffee, baking powder, yeast, whiskey and wines, juice concentrates, wires and cables, outboard motors, hardware, wood preservative, etc. It is best to get […]

On the northern part of Iloilo lies the Municipality of Ajuy, Province of lloilo. It is 87 kilometers from Iloilo City. It extends from Piliwan, its southernmost sitio to Serruco River in the north. Its jurisdiction is bounded in the south by Ajuy Bay, in the north by the town […]

Balasan was the once big town in Northern Hloilo In 1847, Govemor Silverio of Capiz permitted Francisco Arriola of the pueblo of Navas, Capiz (now town of Aklan), to settle on the unpopulated eastern part of Capiz. With 50 families, Arriola sailed and settled at what they called Bolokawe. Later, […]

Originally, the recipe for bibingka called for tuba as leavening agent, on account of yeast present. Filomena Pepino learned how to make bibingka from her mother- in-law, Crescenciana Atrazo. For 40 years, she has been vending bibingka along the beach at Arévalo. But the origin of bibingka is vague. Some […]