Sa Banwa Sang Buenavista: Pre-Feminist Movement Folk Song [LYRICS]

“Sa Banwa Sang Buenavista (In the Town of Buenavista)” is a folk song in lloilo and Bohol about three unmarried sisters. When the youngest of them marries, the eldest cries. The middle sister consoles her Manang, reassuring her that they too would soon find husbands.

Sa banwa sang Buenavista
May mag-utod nga dalaga
Namana ang kamanghuran
Nangakig man ang magulang.

Nagsabat ang katung-anan –
“Ay Manang di ka maghibi
Kay indi guid mabulanan
Mamana kitá nga tanán.”

In the town of Buenavista
Were three unmarried sisters
When the youngest one marched the aisle
Oh, the eldest one cried all the while!

So the middle sister answered this way
“Oh! Manang, wipe your tears away
For it won’t be long from now
We will be on our honeymoon.

Source: Reynaldo Gamboa Alejandro and Vicente Roman Santos in Estilo Ilonggo: Philippine Southern Lifestyle published by KCC Innovations in cooperation with DOT (2009)


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