Guest Post

Thanks for exploring the possibility of being a Guest Writer at SheMaeGomez!

What Kind of Posts I expect?

This blog cover principally these three areas:

  • Food and Dining
  • Travel and Places
  • Arts and Exhibits

By the moment, I want original articles (preferably from Iloilo City and Province) restaurants, resorts, hotels and art exhibits.

I am also open to other topics in my categories, so if you have a topic in mind, just send me email and we can talk about it.

Submission Guidelines:
  1. Use the search feature in my blog site to make sure that the one you will write about is not covered before.
  2. I only accept original posts, so it means that the content you will submit is written only for here – never been published anywhere including your personal blog.
  3. 300 words in enough for my blog
  4. All photos that will be included should be yours. Not saved from the internet or grabbed elsewhere. It should be square at least 600 by 600 px.
  5. Please refer to the style format:
For Food:
  • Menu – include menu photos with pricing
  • What we Had – your choice of meals when you visited
  • How to Get there – directions for readers about the restaurant’s location

For restaurant posts, it should be your personal review. For promotional articles, please message me so we can have the arrangements.

  • Fees – include fees you have paid during the trip
  • Itinerary – include the places you explored; the more specific the details are, the better
  • How to Get there – directions for readers about the spot/s location

It should be your personal experience also.

See sample:

Share Iloilo: Bearland Paradise Resort in Tigbauan, Iloilo

  • Brief information on the art and exhibit
  • Information on the artist/s
  • Location of the exhibit and date range it is on display.
  1. My posts are linking back to my homepage and food category. If you can assign the keywords, it would be best; but if not, I can make the edits.
How long will it take for Your Guest Post to be published on this Blog?

If the queue is not that heavy, I can published the post within the week. But if the article sounds to promotional, I will let you know right away.

What is it for you?

Readership. You can get exposure to my audience – increasing your blog branding and readers.

Social Media. I am promoting the articles to my social networks plus a mention to your channels.

Link Building. I allow one external link on the byline. I also allow inclusion of maximum of 2 social links.

How to Submit Your Article

You may submit your article in word format through email: sheilamae.gomez20 @ / sheilamae.gomez @ / sheila @

Please separate photos as attachment.

In the subject line, please indicate: Guest Post Entry – Your Name

Thank you!