Iloilo City’s Emergency Hotlines


Emergency contact numbers are crucial. They are equipped to respond quickly and efficiently to various emergencies, like natural disasters, accidents, public health crises, and security threats. Having dedicated emergency contact numbers ensures that individuals can quickly reach the appropriate authorities to report incidents and request assistance.

Report Any Drug Related Incident

Reporting drug-related incidents is important for several reasons, and it plays a crucial role in maintaining public safety and well-being. It is a civic responsibility that supports law enforcement efforts, protects community safety, prevents drug abuse, and contributes to public health.

PDEA Regional Office VI 337-1600
ICPO (Tactical Operation Center) 337-0400 / 09083770194
RDEU (Regional Drug Enforcement Unit) 337-8182 / 337-9300

Iloilo City Emergency Hotlines

Police Station

Reporting incidents to the police is a fundamental aspect of maintaining public safety and upholding the rule of law. It allows law enforcement agencies to fulfill their mandate, prevent and investigate crimes, and maintain order within communities.

Iloilo City Police Office (ICPO) 337-9022 / 09083770194
Arevalo 501-5526 / 09985986252
City Proper 337/9022 / 09985986242
Jaro 329-7958 / 09985986246
Molo 337-9502 / 09985986248
Mandurriao 333-2743 / 09985986250
La Paz / Lapuz 329-0904 / 09985986244

Fire Station

Reporting a fire promptly is crucial for several reasons, as it enables a swift and effective response to mitigate the potential dangers associated with fires. It helps protect lives, property, and the surrounding environment by enabling authorities to take swift action to control and extinguish the fire.

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Arevalo 336-5674
Jaro 329-5700
Molo 320-3932
Mandurriao 321-0779
ICAG 337-5931
La Paz / Lapuz 320-7790
Bo. Obrero 335-1965
Alta Tierra (Jaro) 323-5139
Federation 337-9760

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Reporting to hospitals typically refers to informing healthcare facilities about specific incidents, conditions, or situations. It is essential for ensuring timely and appropriate medical care, monitoring public health, controlling the spread of infectious diseases, coordinating trauma and critical care, and fulfilling legal and ethical obligations in the healthcare system.

WVMC (Provincial) 321-2841
WVSUMC (Don Benito) 320-2431
St. Paul’s Hospital 337-2740
Iloilo Doctor’s Hospital 337-7702
Iloilo Mission Hospital 320-0315
Qualimed Hospital 501-4843
Medicus Medical Center 328-7777
The Medical City 500-1000
Metro Iloilo Hospital 327-1527
St. Therese Hospital 337-8300

Accidents / Emergencies

Reporting accidents and emergencies is essential for various reasons, as it facilitates a prompt and effective response to mitigate the impact of the incident. It helps protect lives, minimize property damage, prevent further incidents, and contribute to the overall safety and well-being of individuals and communities.

CDRRMO (ICER) 335-1554 / 09989034593
BFP Search & Rescue 337-3011
Red Cross Iloilo 337-5950
PSTMO 337-7317 / 09292874634

Emergency contact numbers are a crucial component of any society’s emergency response system. They provide a direct link between the public and the government, enabling quick and effective responses to various types of emergencies, ultimately contributing to the safety and well-being of the community.


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