Auntie Anne’s is known for hand-baked pretzels to be enjoyed with a refreshing lemonade. Auntie Anne’s got its start in 1988 when Anne Beiler bought a stand in a Pennsylvania farmer’s market. After some experimentation, “Auntie” Anne created a masterpiece — the same freshly baked goodness we know and love […]

llaollao (pronounced as “yawyaw” or “yaoyao”) is a Spanish frozen yogurt franchise brand founded in Denia in the province of Alicante, Spain. This franchise is located on the upper ground floor of SM City Iloilo near Starbucks. Frozen yogurt, or what we call “froyo,” is slowly gaining popularity in Iloilo […]

Earl of Sandwich is a restaurant franchise based in Orlando, Florida, United States. It was founded by the 11th Earl of Sandwich, his younger son Hon. Orlando Montagu, and businessman Robert Earl, founder of Planet Hollywood. In Iloilo City, Earl of Sandwich finds it local branch at SM City Iloilo. […]

The Mango Island Cafe is a cafe in Jordan, Guimaras that promises to serve a combination of great tasting food infused with the local flavors of Guimaras. It has a charming architecture with both open-air and air conditioned layout, the café seamlessly merges with the surrounding’s natural beauty. The Mango […]

Roberto’s will always be present when it comes to a curated list of everyone’s food entries. This should be one of the foods that will never out of style – no matter how many restaurants in Iloilo will rise in competition. People of all ages, gender, and economic status will love their […]

HowNow is a cafe located at the center of Iloilo City. It has a vibrant and bustling atmosphere and features a cozy interior “cow” theme. It has comfortable seating arrangements, ambient lighting, and stylish decor. Its location is inside the old Amigo Terrace Hotel (now Citadines). HowNow is also a […]

Pepe is a slow-food Filipino-Spanish restaurant in San Antonio, Oton, Iloilo. It advocates for a slow food movement. Slow food promotes the importance of preserving local food traditions, sustainable agriculture, and encouraging the enjoyment of high-quality, locally produced food. It is the complete opposite of the fast food culture that […]