Balay Gamay is a restaurant located after Dungon V Bridge, Old Iloilo Airport Road before the entrance of Megaworld. If you are riding an SM City Mandurriao jeepney, it will pass by the area. In the middle of a bustling and fast-paced city there is an underrated Filipino restaurant which […]

When it comes to a long list of Ilonggo comfort food, the majority might have the same entry – batchoy, pancit molo, Biscocho, KBL, and everything familiar in our ears and taste buds. Bistro Carcosa takes on the challenge to provide a new set of comfort food without sticking to the usual. It might be hesitant […]

Flags Taste of India Resto Bar also known as FTI Indian Restaurant has one branch in Mandurraio where Ilonggo with the Indian community can enjoy food of quality ingredients and worth the expense. There are only few good places in Iloilo where you can get the taste of Indian cuisine […]