The Ultimate List of Festivals in Iloilo Province

Festivals serve various important cultural, social, and religious purposes in different societies and communities around the world.

Iloilo Province celebrates the community’s cultural heritage, traditions, and customs. Every municipality, barangay, and district provides an opportunity for people to express their identity, values, and shared history through art, music, dance, food, and other cultural expressions.

Most of the festivals have religious significance and are dedicated to honoring deities, saints, or important religious events. These celebrations are an essential part of religious practice and include srituals, prayers, and gatherings at places of worship.

Other festivals are more into social bonding which bring people together and fostering a sense of community. They provide occasions for family and friends to reunite, share experiences, and create lasting memories.

There are also festivals which are a commemoration of historical events or milestones, such as independence days, national holidays, or anniversaries of important happenings. These events help people remember and reflect on their history.

Seasonal festival are also present. These festivities are linked to the changing of seasons, marking the transition from one season to another. For example, agricultural growth and harvest festivals that mark the end of the growing season.

List of Festivals in Iloilo Province

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AjuyTambobo FestivalSeptember 8-10
AlimodianAlimodian Agro-Fair1st week of December
Pailaw sa PlazaWhole month of December
AnilaoBanaag Festival1st week of November
BadianganPandayan FestivalLast week of June
BalasanLechon FestivalEvery 3rd week of July
BanateKasag Festival3rd week of December
Barotac NuevoTamasak Festival3rd week of February
Paghiliusa Festival3rd week of December
Barotac ViejoTaltalHoly Week
 Baroto sa Lutac RaceLast week of June
Patubas Festival3rd week of December
BingawanPagnahi-an Festival3rd week of June
CabatuanTinuom Festival1st week of September
CalinogHirinugyaw-Suguidanonay FestivalLast week of October
 Indigenous People’s DayLast week of October
CarlesTikab-Tikab Festival3rd week of March
Pangisda Festival2nd week of October
ConcepcionTampisaw Festival3rd week of May
DinglePagdihon FestivalOctober 28
DueñasAnihan FestivalLast week of September
 Camote FestivalMay 15
DumangasHaw-as FestivalLast week of October
EstanciaPanagat FestivalLast week of April
GuimbalBantayan FestivalWeek before Holy Week
Disyembre sa Guimbal3rd till the last week of December
IgbarasTangyan Festival3rd week of May
JaniuayGugma sang PaskwaDecember 15-21
LambunaoBinanog FestivalJanuary 10
LeonKaing Festival3rd week of November
LeganesSaad Festival1st week of April
Biray Paraw FestivalEvery 3rd week of June
LemerySaug FestivalJanuary 26-28
MaasinTultugan FestivalDecember 29
Miag-aoSalakayan Festival1st week of February
 Hablon Festival3rd week of December
MinaPaskwa Halad sa BanwaDecember 15-31
New LucenaCry of Jelicuon FestivalLast week of October
 Jimanban FestivalLast week of January
OtonKatagman Festival3rd week of May
 Sandiya FestivalEvery 1st week of December
Passi CityPintados de Pasi FestivalMarch 21
PaviaCarabao Carroza Festival1st week of May
 Tigkaralag FestivalOctober 30
PototanIwag Christmas Lights Festival3rd week of December
San DionisioPanaad FestivalMay 5
San EnriqueKalamay Festival3rd week of July
San JoaquinPasungay FestivalJanuary 16
 Pasungay sa Agosto2nd week of August
 Bayluhay Festival3rd week of January
San MiguelPasidungog kay Señor San MiguelLast week of December
Santa BarbaraKahilwayan FestivalEvery 17th of November
SaraSulay Basya FestivalNovember 17
TigbauanSaludan FestivalLast week of October
 Burihan Festival2nd week of February
TubunganTubong-Tubong FestivalMay 1
ZarragaPantat Festival3rd week of December
5th DistrictKanaway Festival1st week of March
Provincial Culture, Arts, History and Tourism OfficeTumandok3rd week of September
Provincial Culture, Arts, History and Tourism OfficeIndigenous Fiber Fashion Fair3rd week of August
Province WideSemana Santa1st week of April
DOT-VIFiestas in the CityLast week of May

Festivals help preserve and pass down cultural traditions, rituals, and customs from one generation to the next. They play a role in keeping cultural heritage alive. They raise awareness about important issues, social causes, or historical events.

Festivals are a dynamic and integral part of human societies, serving a multitude of purposes that vary depending on the specific festival and the cultural context in which it takes place. They contribute to the richness and diversity of human experience.

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