Bayluhay Festival: Municipality of San Joaquin

3rd week of January
Municipality of San Joaquin

Bayluhay, coined from the Hiligaynon word baylo meaning to barter or to exchange is a tribal dance competition showcasing the historic barter based on the Maragtas Legend. It was said that sometime between the 13th and 15th century, ten Shri-Vijayan Datus led by the Sultanate Minister Datu Puti, together with Datus Bangkaya, Dumalugdog, Sumakwel, Lubay, Paiburong, Dumangsil, Balensusa, Paduhinog and Dumangsol, along with their families and followers boarded their balangays or boats and sailed across the Sulu Sea on their quest for the Promise Land.


The group skirted to the southern tip of the island of Panay and landed in Siruanga (Siwaragan River in San Joaquin) where they met the Ati (Aeta) Chieftain Marikudo and his wife Maniwantiwang and bartered the lowlands, plains, and valleys for a golden Salakot and a Manangyad or golden necklace said to have touched the ground. After the transaction was sealed, the Atis were believed to have retired to the mountains and the Malay took complete control of the lowlands.

For more information, please contact Erlyn Alunan – Municipal Tourism Officer at (033) 3147240 or email at [email protected]/[email protected].

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