MW Group launches new brand PEPE

MW Group cements itself as one of Iloilo’s innovative and leading food companies by launching a Filipino-Spanish restaurant PEPE in Oton.

PEPE will be the latest addition to the MW Group’s companies – Mrs. Wharton Cakes, Scones and Clotted Cream, Lazy Susan, and Casa Riviera.

MW Group, a leader in the local food industry, first founded Mrs. Wharton Cakes, well-known for its mouthwatering whole and mini cakes for all occasions. Its cakes are available in Scones and Clotted Cream, an MW Group brand located at the food hall of SM City Iloilo’s north wing.

Nearby in the same food hall is MW Group’s Lazy Susan, which serves popular Taiwanese food such as Sichuan Noodles, Lu Rou Fan, Pork Bao, Spicy Beef Noodles, and Pepper Buns, to name a few.

Meanwhile, PEPE is located inside Casa Riviera, a heritage house founded by Wharton’s grandmother Lola Consing Rivera in San Antonio, Oton. It features furnishings, fixtures, and walls that are over 100 years old. The establishment was renovated and restored to preserve its foundation. Ilonggos rent the place for their intimate events such as weddings. The estate is also home to the MW Group’s flagship store, Mrs. Wharton Cakes.

Also under the MW Group is Spa Riviera, one of Iloilo City’s pioneer and premiere spa, massage and beauty center. It is located at SM Southpoint.

Marie Wharton, CEO, shared that MW Group was able to operate several businesses because it was able to build systems and build leaders within the organization.

She is also quick to see opportunities in the market. “I know when it’s time to expand or open a new location if I see a market gap. It also depends if it’s worth trying or risking.”

She explained that the food industry is always evolving and exciting. “We see new players and new ideas. Palates are also changing as people are more well-traveled and exposed to different cuisines. The market can now understand, for example, the taste of a good Laksa from a bad one. As the game gets higher, the demand for quality follows as well. People now crave quality.”

“We should sharpen our saw, expose our palate to the best in the world so we can offer the best to our clients as well,” Wharton further said.

“Every business, I believe, has a competitive advantage. At the end of the day, the clients will choose where they will dine. MW Group and its brand will continue serving Ilonggos,” Wharton concluded.

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