Keyk Ni Jec: Leon’s Pride as Pastry Shop and Cafe

Keyk Ni Jec is located at #10 Cabaluna St., Poblacion, Leon, Iloilo. It is not just a pastry shop but also a café serving our favorite pasta, pizza, burger, and chicken meals.

If you are looking for a place to dine that is away from the busy city, you can always drive or ride and head to this relaxing and homey café.

Their doors are open not only for those who are taga-Leon but for everyone.

Keyk in Jec Menu

Their flagship offering will always be their cakes. Top recommendations would be Red Velvet Cake, Oreo Matcha Cake, Mocha Cake and for the holidays – White Christmas Cake! Prices would play around P700++.

You can also buy per slice and you can order for a customized cake for all occasions!

For Iloilo City residents, they do meetups at Festive Walk Mall (Marketplace) at 10:00 A.M.

For café favorites, here is their menu:

keyk ni jec menu

menu keyk ni jec

keyk ni jec pasta

keyk ni jec pasta

keyk ni jec starters

Menu prices may vary from the date this blog is posted.

What We Can Have

Italian Spaghetti. Pasta meal from sautéed garlic, sundried tomatoes, ground lean pork, mushroom. Organic and healthy because they are using olive oil and fresh ingredients the locals are famous of.

Spaghetti Keyk ni Jec

Oh Nacho Nacho. It is not just nacho, but Oh Nacho Nacho. Nachos topped with cabbage, loaded with tomatoes, cucumber, ground pork, black olives, and cheese sauce. So crispy, so tasty.

Nachos Keyk ni Jec

Burger Meal. The safest and best choice. Everyone’s new favorite prepared with delectable patty. Layered with Keyk ni Jec’s special TLC (tomatoes, lettuce, cucumber), French fries, and garden-fresh Leon veggies on the side.

Burger Meal Keyk ni Jec

How to Get There

For those who have their private vehicles with them, you can check out this Google Map for Keyk ni Jec’s location.

For those who are commuting, the best way to reach the place is riding a Leon jeepney. Just tell the fare collector (konduktor) or the driver to drop you off the plaza of Leon (or ask them if they can pass by the area to drop you).

From the plaza, you can walk a block going to the location. Check the map above or you can simply ask the locals for direction. They are always helpful.

For those who are in the city and not yet ready to go out of town to try their cakes, Keyk ni Jec do meetups at Festive Walk Mall (Marketplace) at 10:00 A.M.

To learn more about the other route, please see: Iloilo Jeepney Routes 2022

Keyk ni Jec are also open for cake orders on any occasion. Just contact them in their number at 09285069561. This is also the number to call if you want to make a reservation.


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