Ramen Musashi [CLOSED]

Ramen Musashi is another Japanese restaurant located in La Paz which you should include in your list. Ramen is known to be Japan’s staple food. Although highlighted in their restaurant name, this place is serving more than just ramen.

Its previous name was Nozomi Japanese Restaurant.

Ramen Musashi

Ramen Musashi Menu

This place is selling more than just ramen. You can also get your favorite Japanese fix like gyoza and other treats. The pricing is surprisingly affordable yet outstanding choices.

Ramen Musashi menu

What We Had

Ramen is so good that you could not leave any drop on your bowl. The soup is thick and magical that you can taste a bursting flavor of spices at every sip.
We had a bowls of tantanmen, marinated Japanese fried chicken and pork maki cheese. Everything we had was good.

Ramen Musashi tantanmen

Ramen Musashi ramen

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Ramen Musashi meals

Ramen Musashi marinated chicken

Ramen Musashi gyoza

Ramen Musashi cheese and pork

How to Get There

This is located at the back of La Paz Church going to La Granja way. Your best landmark is the Iglesia ni Cristo Church. The building is just across it.
Public jeepney that is passing the area is only La Paz La Granja and you just must tell the driver that you are going the “Granja” way before it will make a turnaround La Paz plaza.

Those who are from other districts of Iloilo City can opt for a double ride to points where the route of the La Paz jeepney is passing.

It was a new ramen experience because of their setup. You can choose the spot on the second floor and just like a traditional Japanese setup, you will need to take off your shoes, sit on the floor and enjoy your meal.

Ramen Musashi tables

Ramen Musashi interior

Ramen Musashi place

Ramen Musashi setup

Ramen Musashi stairs

Ramen house is slowly trending in Iloilo City. This humble food of Japan is now occupying a place in Ilonggos’ heart and whatever the weather, we find every bowl comforting.



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