PizzaFreds is an Artisan style, unli-toppings Pizza. The place will let you experience the satisfaction of building your own pizza. You get to choose your crust, sauce, and topping. Pizza and food offers are not the only ones instagrammable but the place’s interior as well. PizzaFreds Menu Aside from making […]


Coffee Stroll is a coffee kiosk offering the flavors of single origin coffee from different parts of the Philippines through manual brewing. Coffee Stroll Menu Local coffee is the main deal and you can pair a cup with Japanese pancakes, fries and bread available. Explore the List: Where to Eat […]

Bulljack’s Talabahan is a place serving fresh talaba (oysters) and other seafood choices. If you are looking for a seafood place to get big, tasty, and budget-friendly oysters, this is the place is the one for you. This would also explain why the place is always full. Bulljack is located […]

Romarland Dreamscapes Cafe and Spa is a café and spa located at Dungon B, Jaro. They offer holistic methods of massage, body work, and energy work. This is all done in a relaxing, serene setting. An instagrammable place to be with your friends and family. After getting a massage or […]

Gogi Boy is where you can experience outdoor Korean Samgyupsal in Dumangas. When you are up to try other Korean restaurants, this an ideal place to explore Korean taste. If you see someone digging into that Samgyupsal and cravings hit, your stomach starts to growl, and you find yourself drooling. […]

Yumchow is a food place in Iloilo serving Asian favorites. They are open for dine-in, take away and delivery via their food application partners. If you are a foodie in search of new food place offering tasty dishes in a relaxing ambiance, this place should appear in your list. Yumchow […]

Seattle’s Best Coffee in Iloilo is a part of the story of Stewart Brothers who started brewing bold, smooth coffee on Seattle’s Pier 70. From Seattle’s waterfront, they reached the shores of Iloilo where Ilonggos can have artisanal, perfectly blended, fresh coffee. From the year 1970, brothers Jim and Dave […]

Dakasi Iloilo is a milk tea place in Iloilo open for delivery, dine-out or takeaway. It takes pride that all their drinks are made with fresh ingredients with no artificial flavoring and little to no additives. Dakasi started in Taiwan in 1990 serving fresh tea drinks. In 1999, it opened […]

Oh My Tea is the milk tea spot when you are looking for Taiwanese and Thai milk teas. If you are looking for a something sweet this place got tons of new flavors to try. With regards to the place, it is nothing fancy. It’s small and simple but it […]


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