CafeGado is another coffee shop and snack house that you must add in your list if you are looking for something that is good but will not hurt your budget. The place will give you a Thailand vibe especially with their “balsa-balsa” offer. It is one place, but every corner […]

Cafe Ula is coffee place in Iloilo City serving pour-over brewed coffee from premium coffee beans. For as low as 60 pesos, you can start enjoying your brewed coffee. Business hours is from 10AM – 7PM. It is a child-friendly place and good for family dine in. Cafe Ula Menu […]

Kurtos Kalacs (Kürtős kalács) is a sweet cake from Transylvania. Originally popular in the Hungarian-speaking regions of Romania, it became popular all over Europe, and now is available also in Iloilo. Kurtos Kalacs by CYA Menu See also: List of Restaurants in Iloilo City What You Can Have You can […]

Cafe Ohana offers delicious excellent quality products and great service. A good place for get drinks and meals without hurting your pockets. If you are looking for a place to chill and have coffee that is outside the city that is not too far, then you can add it as […]

Food places in Miag-ao can absolutely compete with the food places around world.  Being a 1st class municipality in the province of Iloilo, Miag-ao is not only known for UP or the church but also for the flavors and food experience it can offer. Whenever you find yourself in this […]

Buho is a bakery in Iloilo and the city’s iconic hole in wall. It started in 1940s wherein Ilonggos are literally buying freshly baked breads through the small square hole. From the outside, you need to inquire from the staff what are available through shouting from the small hole and […]

Azul Latin Bistro has opened its doors to serve the Ilonggo community a great selection of Latin American food and drinks. Azul Latin Bistro is certainly the place that you must try next if you are looking for a nice ambiance, relaxing music and good food after a busy day. […]

Pizzaro is another food place in Iloilo that you should not miss. The place is more than just your supergang pizza. You can try their pasta and more. If you are looking for Italian-ish meals that are affordable, head to this place. Pizzaro Menu See also: List of Restaurants in […]

Book Latte is a library, lounge, cafe and resto. If you are looking for a place to study, finish your tasks and hold a small conference then this place is highly recommended. You can also come here just to enjoy their food and drinks. Book Latte Menu Read also: The Best […]


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