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Monkey Grounds: Live Your Best Plant-Based Life

Plant-based dishes are now making a trend in the restaurants in Iloilo. Choosing such places to eat gives customers the option to order something which is a healthier choice without noticing the vegetable taste. With it’s unique ambiance, modern interior and exclusive menu option, Monkey Grounds is the place you must try. Monkey Grounds Menu […]

Giligan’s Restaurant: A Trip without Sailing Out to Sea

With all the food place that are currently available in Iloilo, what makes Giligan’s Bistro the place that you should also try? Giligan’s Bistro lets you experience a whole new level of trip without sailing in the ocean – food trip in their marine-themed restaurant. Whether you came here solo, with friends or with family, […]

Maria Gracias Samgyupsal: Easy Access for Samgyupsal Lovers

Maria Gracias Samgyupsal started during the Enhanced Community Quarantine (“ECQ”) during the pandemic. This samgyupsal business aims to empower micro sellers to continue developing their products for customers to have easier access to samgyupsal choices. They started as online delivery food service offering samgyupsal package. This includes meat, side dishes, grill rental and drinks. In […]

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