Lazy Susan: The Home of Sichuan-Flavored Meals


Lazy Susan is now located inside Casa Riviera in Oton and is probably one of the boldest food places in Iloilo City to offer Taiwanese food. While it has its roots in China and Chinese foods are pretty famous in the city, to provide something “Taiwan” (other than milk tea) is sort of a gamble.

Ilonggos are travelers and welcoming to foreign foods opening up. While not everyone has the resources to be in Taiwan, we are thankful for Ilonggo entrepreneurs who risk enough to let us have a bite of what these flavors could taste like.

Behind the Logo and the Name

The beautiful woman in the logo is the mother of the owner. She is Taiwanese, and her name is Susan. But she is not lazy. Lazy Susan is the owner’s treasured memory of their table with literal ‘lazy susan’ because her mother likes to eat, and their table is filled with food. All they need to do is to spin the lazy susan at their table and pick what they want to eat.

Lazy Susan Menu

Mrs. Wharton Lazy Susan Pepe Menu 1

Mrs. Wharton Lazy Susan Pepe Menu 2

Lazy Susan is starting small and humble. Their staple is their bao and Sichuan noodles.

lazy susan iloilo sm

What We Had

We had Sichuan spicy noodles, barbeque bao, and dumplings. All these are so appealing especially if you want to have the most intense mix of flavors.

sichuan noodles lazy susan

lazy susan dumplings

lazy susan baos

Every bite is a firework that bursts flavors of spice, salty, overall savory, and peppery goodness.

Welcome Back, Lu Rou Fan

Good news, Lu Rou Fan fans or I shall say, Lu Rou Fans, because in their Oton location, you can taste once again the well-loved Lu Rou Fan by Lazy Susan.

Lu Rou Fan

Lu rou fan “braised pork rice,” is a classic Taiwanese comfort food dish cooked with soy sauce, spices, and aromatics. It is a tender, bite-sized melt-in-your-mouth braised pork belly served over steamed rice, with boiled eggs, and blanched greens as toppings.

It offers a combination of savory and slightly sweet flavors.

How to Get There

Lazy Susan is located at Barangay Santo Domingo, Oton, Iloilo. You can board the following jeepneys:

Simply tell the driver that you are heading to “Alcariba”. If the driver is not familiar, try to say “Cunalum” as more would be familiar with this landmark.

Commuter friends from the city can get a ride for OTON jeepneys at Atria Park District, Diversion Road (Monkey Grounds), or Molo Plaza.

Alternative routes can also be any jeepney headed to the 1st towns of Iloilo – either of the following: TIGBAUAN, TUBUNGAN, GUIMBAL, SAN JOAQUIN, and MIAG-AO which you can ride from Iloilo Terminal Market, or Mohon Terminal Iloilo City.

Go ahead, let us stuff our faces with other delicacies Taiwan has to offer, aside from milk tea.


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