Batchoyan NI Jasmin: Piping Hot and Bursting with Flavor

Batchoyan ni Jasmin is one place you must check out if you are a batchoy fan. They don’t have a branch in the city yet so you have to make a little effort to check their place at Ilawod, Sta. Barbara. Because the place is being visited by a lot of locals, local and foreign tourist, bring a lot of patience and determination with you that you will able to grab a bowl of this famous batchoy.

batchoyan ni jasmin signage

batchoyan ni jasmin

They have their own “flow chart” when ordering. Upon arrival, you need to get your priority number. Stay near at the counter area and wait for your number to be called or served. When it is your turn, tell your order to the cashier and pay. Take your number with you and wait for your order.

batchoyan ni jasmin counter

Batchoyan ni Jasmin Menu

The rates are affordable. Pair it up with puto or egg.

batchoyan ni jasmin menu


What we had

We had regular batchoy. The bowl of batchoy is overflowing with chicharon, atay and pork. The soup is sweet and hot enough to ease your efforts while waiting for your orders.

batchoyan ni jasmin regular batchoy serving

batchoyan ni jasmin regular batchoy

batchoyan ni jasmin extra soup

They provide extra soup.

batchoyan ni jasmin customers

How to Get There

This batchoyan is located at Ilawod, Sta. Barbara. There are a lot of visitors from the city, people from around the province, people from around the country and the world.

If you are from the city, you can ride Sta. Barbara jeepney from Iloilo Terminal Market or portions of Diversion Road. You can also ride the said route at Ungka Terminal. Fare is at P20-P25 depending on your area of origin. Travel time is approximately 45 to 60 minutes. Tell the driver you are dropping off at their market or the plaza.

From the market or plaza of Sta. Barbara, ride a tricycle and tell the driver that you are looking for Batchoyan ni Jasmin. Fare is at P10 and approximately, you may take 10 minutes to reach the place.


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