Aldeguer Street Iloilo City

Aldeguer Street is a street at the heart of Iloilo City. It connects two major streets namely J.M. Basa and Iznart and stretches to the portion of Muelle Loney Street.

Aldeguer Street

It has an approximate distance of 400 meters and is a five-minute walk.

aldeguer street iloilo

Currently, the significant establishments that can be seen in the street are the portions of Iloilo Central Market, the Aldeguer branch of Ledi Supermarket, the Aldeguer branch of Unitop, Tay Lay, the Aldeguer branch of Iloilo Society Commercial, and across the J.M. Basa side, you can find Harbor Town Hotel and City Square Iloilo.

Aldeguer Street also has its food area located at the new RGM Building (2015) where you can grab a quick snack if you have errands downtown, or you just pass by.

Aside from these, Aldeguer also has banks, textiles, dry goods, ready-to-wear, and pharmacies.

Named After Manuel Aldeguer

(citations needed)

Contrary to the popular belief that the street is named after Jose M. Aldeguer, an Ilonggo delegate to the Constitutional Convention in 1934 and the representative of the 5th district of Iloilo during the 4th Congress of the Philippines, Aldeguer Street is named after Manuel Aldeguer where his house blessed by Bishop Mariano Cuartero is located (1870-1880).

In a thread via Old Iloilo, the comment section discusses that it would be impossible for the street to be named after Jose M. Aldeguer because Calle Aldeguer in Iloilo City has existed even before the late Cong. of Iloilo 5th District entered the political arena in Sara. 

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Aldeguer Street and the Cultural Heritage Sites

Aldeguer is home to some of Iloilo City’s cultural heritage sites. These are the Cantonese Club built in 1931, Tiampo Building constructed in 1934; P. Dulalia Building put up in 1936; John A Tan Building established in 1958; Tayengco Building; J Melliza Building; Iloilo Central Market and two of the many Villanueva Buildings in Iloilo City – the former International Hotel at the corner of J.M. Basa – Aldeguer Streets and the other one across it.

Cantonese Club
Cantonese Club
John A Tan Building
John A Tan Building
Tiampo Building Iloilo
Tiampo Building
P. Dulalia Building
P. Dulalia Building
Tayengco Building Iloilo
Tayengco Building

Iloilo Central Market
Iloilo Central Market
CBD 01-007 S Villanueva Building Iloilo
CBD 01-007 S Villanueva Building

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The Villanueva Mansion is also where the marker of Calle Real is placed which is technically standing and facing Aldeguer Street.

aldeguer street signage

calle real marker

calle real marker

Despite the rise of malls and lifestyle destinations in the city, Aldeguer Street remains to thrive offering Ilonggos the services of establishments it lines. The “finds” downtown are still more budget-friendly, and the best part is you can bargain.

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