2D1N Guimaras Sample Itinerary from Our Personal Travel

Guimaras is very famous for their mangoes and beaches but aside from these, there are also a lot of places this province is proud of.

Sharing with you our itinerary which you can use in your next trip.

We from left Iloilo City at around 8:30 AM and ride a motor banca going to Jordan Wharf. Travel time is around 15 to 20 minutes depending on the calmness of the seas. Please note that terminal is now relocated to Parola Wharf. And you will now board a fiberglass boat because motor bancas have seized their operation.

Upon arrival, please register at the local tourism office for Guimaras’ monitoring and documentation of their tourist arrivals.

We already booked our private car to tour us around the island. Our driver is Kuya Alok and his contact number is 09565924818 in case you need his tour services in the future.

Day 1

Holy Family Hills

Holy Family is our first stop. Just in time for Semana Santa (Holy Week), we got the chance to meditate, pray and do a little pilgrimage to the Stations of the Cross. For Catholics, this place is ideal for this season. The area is still in ongoing repairs and improvements but guests are welcome. At this time, no entrance fee is collected but donations are welcome.

Chapel Area

The Holy Family

Praying Area

Holy Family Hills

Roca Encantada

After that, we headed to Roca Encantada. It is an ancestral house in Guimaras. No activities offered for now. The house is also close and the guests can only access the balcony and restroom area. It is good for picture taking because the beach is overlooking. There are chairs and tables available so if you brought your snacks or packed-lunch with you, this is an ideal place. Entrance fee is 50php.

Roca Encatada

Roca Encantada 2F

Roca Encatada Area

Roca Encantada View

Navalas Church

We also got a chance to visit Navalas Church – the oldest church in the province of Guimaras. We met Kuya Roque – the official photographer who takes good photos at every angle.

Navalas Church

Navalas Bell

Navalas Aisle

Navalas Aisle

San Lorenzo WindFarm

Here’s your chance to see the windmills up-close. This area in Guimaras has their windmills that provide electricity in the province and the neighboring ones. No entrance fee collected at the moment but the spot is too windy. Also, don’t come near the edges of the place to avoid hazard.

Trappist Monastery

In the area, you can find the famous Trappist Monastery. You can also say a little prayer and light a candle. Bonus in the area are Trappist Gift Shop where you can find premium Guimaras pasalubong items and Café Sta. Hildegarda where you can grab a quick bite and sip a good coffee – highly recommended: Mango Coffee.

trappist monastery

trappist gift shop

Trappist Altar

Guisi Lighthouse

Our last stop for the day is the Guisi Lighthouse. It is a ruined old house where the old lighthouse is located. The place offers unlimited photo opportunities but please give also other tourist the chance to take good photos. Environmental fee is 10php. There are also pasalubong items here and the car is only until the entrance area – you need to walk 5-10 mins to reach the old lighthouse.

Guisi Light House Ruins

Guisi Light House

Faro de Punta Luzaran

Guisi Light House Guimaras

Day 2

Nature’s Eye Resort

After our day tour in Guimaras, we headed to Nature’s Eye Resort for our accommodation. There is a mini-hiking needed to reach the place so please prepare for a 15-20 min walk from the Brgy. Plaza. Our package is 1800php – room included, dinner (Day 1), breakfast and lunch (Day 2).

natures eye guimaras

beach area

natures eye beach

We are too lucky to have our room located at the ocean view where we are able to witness the beautiful sunset.

The resort has swimming areas where you can enjoy swimming – at the white sand area and just below the resort. You need to walk a little in to reach the white sand area and you can see the opposite edge of the resort. There is also a mini floating cottage.

The other swimming area is just within the area – the same spot where we also watched the sunset of Guimaras. Just be careful because the area is too rocky – but there are plenty of selfie, groufie and summer shot poses.

For island hopping, Nature’s Eye Resort do not have their own motor banca for island hopping yet. We booked for one at 150 php per head but they need to cancel it because they are only outsourcing the services of fishermen and the boat used is for fishing. The people were not able to secure their permits and necessary documents for clearance so we were not able to go island hopping.

If you really wanted to go for an island hopping, I can recommend staying in Magic Island – based on experience, they have their own motor banca with permits and facilities so the highlight of the trip will go on.

We left the hotel 12NN and we prepared again to head back to Iloilo.

If you wish to buy a lot of pasalubong, prepare a lot of extra money – there are really good finds at Guimaras. Trappist sells premium items and the pricing is a little higher than usual. In the Guisi LightHouse, there are also good pasalubong finds.

Sharing with you some of the pricing:

Mangoes – 120 php per kilo; you can buy the box at 60 php
Keychains and Ref Magnets – 20 php – 50 php
Assorted Goodies at 3 pieces for 100 php – sample are Mango Piaya, Mango Tart, Mango Pastillas, Mango Yema, Mango Barquiron, Mango Scotch

These are just a few of what you can visit and do while in Guimaras. We will be back soon and will never get tired of sharing what Guimaras has to offer.


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