Share Antique: Tuno Bugtong Bato Waterfalls


There is a hidden wonder here in Antique – the “seven falls” as to what the natives would refer. But because we are just ordinary visitors, the safest fall that we can reach is only up to the second fall. Well, there are just people who are aggressive to take the risk; they conquer even up to the third falls.

Bugtong Bato Falls
Bugtong Bato Falls


I was unprepared that the only means of transportation way up there is through riding a “habal-habal or single” motorcycle. Seriously, it was my first time riding one and to think that the travel distance is more or less 4 kilometers. The fare is at P120 pesos – this is back and forth already plus other “waiting” moments. I’ll explain later. Haha.

On the way to Bugtong Bato
Habal Habal Ride Experience


There you go, we paid P50 for “environmental fee” at the entrance and to my surprise, we still need to walk 30 to 45 minutes just to reach the falls. LOL. We met Manong Dodong, and he served as our “tour guide” up to Bugtong Bato.

Bugtong Bato On the Way
Manong Dodong is the one in navy blue shirt and checkered shorts.


Prepare. The trail is not easy. Like life, there are ups and downs and twists and turns. Crazy. We met several creatures and views like below:

Bugtong Bato Way
Crossing the mini bridge.


Bugtong Bato Friends
“Ang Baka” (The Cow)

Bugtong Bato View
As we get closer, I can hear the music the waterfalls sing. It was just soooooooooo relaxing. Then there it is! Tada we reached the falls!

Thrilling Trails of Bugtong Bato Falls


Bring your own lunch or snacks so your will not feel hungry. Bring especially water. Then the next of the story I just get speechless.

Around 3PM we took again the path onto our next destination – Kawa Hot Bath. We’ll the waiting part that I have been talking above is the situation where in the motorcycle drivers we’ll still be the ones who will take us to kawa. That’s already included in the payment.

BTW, as a token for Manong Dodong, we were told to pay P15 per head for his effort to be with us tht day. I can say that the people in the community are accommodating. Some would wave to us showing their gratitude that we visited the place.

Other pics at Bugtong Bato is uploaded here.


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