Big Bad Bowls is a noodle restaurant open 24/7 to give Ilonggos bowls of hearty meals – from a bowl of mami, ramen, or rice meals. This place is putting daily efforts to blend chilis and special sauces and spices for a special kick of flavors. Big Bad Bowls Menu […]

Ramen Musashi is another Japanese restaurant located in La Paz which you should include in your list. Ramen is known to be Japan’s staple food. Although highlighted in their restaurant name, this place is serving more than just ramen. Its previous name was Nozomi Japanese Restaurant. Ramen Musashi Menu This […]

In Iloilo City, you can find a place that sells “RamenChoi” a hearty bowl of soup that is not just ramen but also batchoi. This kind of fusion in now trending in Iloilo City because it is so fulfilling for the appetite but at the same time, you will not […]