Tytche Grill and Seafood Restaurant

Tytche Grill and Seafood Restaurant is located along Coastal Road in Dumangas, Iloilo. If you are from the city and you are up for a drive, this seafood restaurant is definitely worth a try. There might be a number of seafood restaurants in the area but you can check this one first.

tytche grill

The place can accommodate large group (we were 30 pax when we ate here) and surprisingly, the ordering process got no delays. Of course, we called ahead for our orders and I also recommend that you will do the same to avoid wait time.

Tytche Grill and Seafood Restaurant Menu

Expect to see a lot of seafood and grill dishes from their menu. They have options of kinilaw (raw), lusgos (steamed), sugba (grilled), sigang (soup), adobado, buttered, sweet chili sauce and so much more. They almost serve complete seafood meals and grill options.

tytche iloilo menu

tytche menu




What We Had

It was almost like feast. We ordered a lot – sinugba nga managat, sinigang nga bulgan, sinugba nga liempo, adobado nga alimusan, buttered shrimp, sinugba nga lukos and sweet chili nga alimango. Sounds all delicious right? They really are. Everything was just so good.

adobado nga alimusan

buttered shrimp

grilled liempo

grilled lukos

sinabawan nga bulgan

sinugba nga managat

sweet chili alimango

How to Get There

I’m so sorry I don’t have the commuter version because we went there using private transportation. Maybe you can coordinate with Dumangas jeepneys if they are passing by the area or they can assist you how to get to the place. But the area is already near the port of RoRo going to Bacolod.

The whole family was filled with delight and happiness. I think Tytche was able to give us one of the best food experience so far. This place is really recommended for group lunch because their servings are large and best for sharing.


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