Share Bohol: 2D/1N Itinerary in the Philippines’ Heart of the Islands

Unlideals and Dlinkers vacation 2016 is celebrated in the beautiful island of Bohol and in the city of Cebu. In the part one of our super adventure this year, we explored both the countryside and the beach side of Bohol.

Day 1 – The Countryside of Bohol

First day of our tour proper covers some of Bohol’s famous spots. Here’s a quick look of the places we visited.

Loboc Man-Made Forest

Remember that Twilight scene where vampires and werewolves chases each other? Nah…it wasn’t really like that but it was close. This spot also appeared in Dolce Amore.


Chocolate Hills

Finally! After 360 degrees and super zigzag roads, I was able to see real chocolate hills. All my life I thought I will only see them in pictures. Although it was a little bit foggy when we were there, it didn’t stop us from enjoying the beautiful creation of God.



Habitat Butterflies Conservation Center

It was an enjoyable quick tour with our jolly tour guide “Mac”. He patiently explained to us the things about butterflies with lots of jokes and ‘pick-up lines’. He also took us photos with butterfly wings. We ended the tour with yummy ice candy with natural fruit flavors.



Tarsier Conservation Area

Doesn’t really enjoyed this part. Tarsiers were sleeping and we couldn’t make too much noise and we hardly took photos. I can’t even giggle , other tourists scolded me.

Loboc River Cruise and Floating Restaurant

What is more beautiful than food? Delicious buffet lunch as you cruise the Loboc River. Savor Pinoy lunch while enjoying nature’s view.


Python Sanctuary

Marimar is the official tour guide who consistently wears his poker face because of the death of his pet Prony I. You’ll get a chance to encounter different kinds of animals and take photo opportunities with Prony I’s preserved skin and the real Prony II which is only half the size of Prony I.


Baclayon Church and Museum

One of the infrastructures that was partially ruined by the earthquake ?? The church is still in the process of recovering. The entrance fee you’ll pay will go to the renovation of the said church.


Blood Compact Shrine/Sandugo

Our last stop for the day. The famous blood compact shrine – the place where the blood compact between Miguel López de Legazpi and Datu Sikatuna that seal the friendship of Spain and Bohol last March 16, 1565.


Make this your last stop also for pasalubong hunting. In the area, you can buy delicacies, key chains and purses. They are also selling T-shirts but if you are visiting Hinagdanan Cave, shirts there are cheaper and have cuter designs.

Bonus for the day: Alonaland Beach Front

Reward for the day because we finished the trip earlier than planned. By sunset, we got the chance to enjoy the sea side.



We also ate our dinner along the beach front. It is similar to Boracay where a lot of restaurants are in the area.

Day 2. Dolphin Watching, Island Hopping, and Hinagdanan Cave

Dolphin Watching

More like of Dolphin hunting. They are so wild that we couldn’t find a good place to watch them. It was fun our pump boat together with others swim after them. If we can get a view, it was real quick for they disappear fast.


Virgin Island

My favorite of all! It feels like a giant infinity pool.



Balicasag Island

Enjoy swimming and go snorkeling – like what my colleagues did. No, not me. I’m too afraid to go far. I am happy by the seaside.



Hinagdanan Cave

I don’t know if I am just tired or I don’t just like the humor of the tour guide.


It was a tiring escapade and just like every trip is – it was super fun! We left the beautiful island of Bohol and headed to the City of Cebu for the Part 2 where more memories were captured by a good phone.


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