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Roughly 45 kilometers away from the heart of the province, a beautiful inland resort is located. Ideal for various events such as summer escapade with your friends and family, special celebration like birthday and wedding, conferences and seminars and even team building activities. Speaking of team building, this is the venue of my first ever team building with my REPH ILO family. Let’s try to make this post a quick virtual tour in the resort.

How to get there

We left Richmond Hotel at around 10:30AM and our transportation service is Southwest Busses. Travel time is around an hour. Because the bus is big, we just have to get off from the entrance in the highway and walk a little.

For those who are bringing their private vehicles, there is no need for walking.
For those who are up for the adventures of commuting, here are the available options for you:

Considering that you are coming from Iloilo city, you can ride Ungka ITGSI from Robinsons Main and get off Ungka Terminal (across Christ the King).

Option 1:

From Ungka Terminal, ride Janiuay jeepney. Tell the driver/konduktor that you’ll get off Janiuay Plaza. From the plaza, ride a tricycle. I’ll leave it to you to negotiate the fare.

Option 2:

From Ungka Terminal, ride Lambunao can (L300) and get off from Bangga Hospital (Janiuay Hospital). Ride a tricycle, motorbike or single motorcycle to reach the entrance.

Many thanks to my supportive sup Ms. Drei for helping me out with commuting guide.

Damires Hills Rate
Entrance Rate

Adult/Kids – P100

Senior Citizens – P80

Swimming – P120

Daytime Cottages

(with consumable food and drinks)

P10,000 / max of 40

P8000 / max of 30

P3000 / max of 12

P2500 / max of 10

Overnight Cottages

Family Style Cottage – P4950 (4-8 persons)

Balay Style Main – P3950 (3-6 persons)

Standard Room – P3200 (2-3 persons)

Heliconia Deluxe Room – P3750 (2-3 persons)

(free breakfast for 2 persons)

*For overnight guests, free entrance and swimming

Sharing with you our little homey “Mangga” which served as our home for a night.

mangga cottage in damires hills

Here’s a view from our cottage:

View from mangga cottage
Photo by: Lexi Crispe
Quick Tour at Norma’s Coffee Shop

Housed in the resort is their very own refreshment and pasalubong area. They are serving food and drinks for you.


Norma’s Menu

Norma Menu

Norma Chiller Menu

Norma Chiller Menu

Support local by buying proudly local pasalubong. They got a lot of it from tea to spread and even delicacies, fruits and vegetables.

Normas Entrance

Norma Setup

Norma Pasalubong Religious Items

Normas Pasalubong Are

Normas Tea

Normas Fruits

Normas Delicacies

Damires Hills Adventures

There is always the swimming experience. The resort has a pool where you can beat the summer heat.

Aside from swimming, they also got other activities that you and the whole family can enjoy.

Damires Hills Zipline

Shouting at the top of my voice to release all tension as I fly through the air. You can choose between sitting and superman position.

Zipline Rate

Adventures Rate

DA Team in Zipline

Definitely we are up to chase the fun. Let all nervousness fade as the zipline guide start to count 1 2 3 as he lets go my pulley. The rest is history.

shemaegomez zipline

Canopy Walk

Whoa! We are not done yet. With a good combination of trekking and fear, I have dared myself to cross their hanging bridge. As you set your foot to the entrance of the canopy walk, you will be welcomed by the first line of the poem to get you one with nature.


So happy I was able to finish it from point to point.

ATV Ride

Another adventure that you can try here is their ATV ridem I’ve missed this one probably because of time (and budget) constraints but it is a good reason to be back.

It has been on my bucket list to visit Damires and thank you very much to REPH because this has been chosen this year.

*Disclaimer: Menu, prices, location and other information like rates and fees may change from the date this blog is posted.


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