The Hangover Cure: Where to Eat in Iloilo After a Night of Partying


The start of the New Year usually means the beginning of parties. From barrio fiestas to full-blown festivals, you can start planning your days around these must-go events not only in your locality but all over the Philippines.

Here in Iloilo, one of the most awaited celebrations is the Dinagyang 2023. It typically starts on a Friday and continues for the weekend with dancing, live music, good food, and of course, booze. Whether or not you plan on getting wasted is not the question.

The question is: what do you do the morning after? Where to eat in Iloilo after a night of partying?

Some folks need to catch that early flight back to Manila (or overseas, if they’re foreigners). A few though would want to grab a quick bite before they head to the office. And some lucky ones are on a one-day leave and want to make the most of it before they hit work again on Tuesday.

Whatever your reason, check out these dining options and know what to order to cure that pesky hangover.

Where to Eat in Iloilo After a Night of Partying

Ted’s Oldtimer Lapaz Batchoy

No one goes on a trip to Iloilo and doesn’t taste this savory bowl of deliciousness. A personal favorite, you can always count on Ted’s many branches after a night of serious partying. This no-nonsense eatery is just all about Lapaz Batchoy – simple, hot, and hits the spot.

The Hangover Cure: One Super Special with Puto on the Side.

special batchoy

Pat Pat’s Kansi

Nothing beats a hearty soup when your head is still spinning. For tourists, this humble diner is an affordable gem that has been serving Kansi Bulalo since 1999. Drag your friends (and family) here for their signature comfort soup the Ilonggos have loved for years.

The Hangover Cure: Kansi Bulalo with a side of Royal soda (think of it as your dose of Vitamin C).

pat pat's kansi lawas

Master Chua Foodhaus

Don’t let the Mandarin-speaking servers intimidate you. Order what you like from their display, pay at the counter, and take a seat. This Chinese eatery will remind you of an old-fashioned canteen from high school.

The Hangover Cure: Whatever they have on display. The menu changes frequently – but don’t worry, they’re all really good.


Ali’s Chao Long

If you’re looking where to eat in Iloilo for something outside of the traditional batchoy or pancit molo, then head on over to Ali’s for their version of the Vietnamese favorite, chao long. Let this combination of beef broth, rice noodles, and herbs awaken your tired spirits.

The Hangover Cure: Chao Long or Arroz Caldo with garlic bread.

alis chao long bowl

Monkey Grounds

This restaurant is recommended for vegans or those who want to live a healthier lifestyle (after binge drinking the night before). Featuring lots of vegan options and strong coffee, you won’t regret starting your morning here.

The Hangover Cure: Classic pancakes or pumpkin soup, with a side of banana shake or Sagada coffee.

Monkey Grounds Coffee

Healthy Kitchen

Once you’ve sworn off drinking forever, check out this guilt-free restaurant that serves all kinds of healthy meals (fish burger, roti platter, tofu salad, etc.) at a reasonable price. Who says ‘healthy’ can’t be delicious?

The Hangover Cure: Make-Your-Own-Breakfast option with native organic coffee as a drink.

Roti Platter by Live by Healthy Kitchen

Book Latte Megaworld

We saved the best for last: this concept cafe has mouth-watering cakes to boot (try their carrot cake). For those staying at hotels near the area, this is a convenient place for breakfast, lunch, merienda, or dinner – especially after the Dinagyang fever.

The Hangover Cure: Their All-Day Breakfast option features spam, waffles, and scrambled eggs. Yum!

book latte

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This is a foodie list of Where to Eat in Iloilo as compiled by Cris Antonio.

This entry is optimized for people from Iloilo and Iloilo City.

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  1. Probably the nearest place to grab a bowl of Batchoy is at Ted’s along Diversion Road that is a walking distance from Smallville. I would also recommend Big Bad Bowls’ Ramen and Beef Noodles which is also along the road going to Brgy Nabitasan.

    1. Yup yup! Big Bad Bowls is a must have too! Love their mami. Too bad there’s no accessible public route there yet. 🙁

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