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Summer of 2014 when we decided to held Dlinkers Summer Outing at the Magic Island at Brgy. Lucmayan, Guimaras. From the City of Love, we have to travel by pump boat going to Jordan, Guimaras the capital of the said province. It took us 20 minutes to reach the town proper. From there, we have contracted a jeepney operator to take us to the barangay where the said island is located. Approximately, it took us another 60 minutes of travelling before we reach the destination. Opps the journey doesn’t end there. We still have to ride a mini pump boat (‘sakayan’ as the local labelled it). If you have watched the Thai Movie Pee Mak, you can imagine our situation while riding the boat and exploring the river that will take us to our destination. Hmmm I think it took us another 20 minutes to really reach the resort.

Fascinated by the nature’s beauty, we all handed out our phones, digicams and more to start taking various selfies.

Selfies by the entrance. Taking selfies immediately upon arrival.

Magic Island Entrance Pose

Magic Island Entrance Selfie

Selfies by the stairs. Selfies taken while your feet is soaked at the waters of Magic Island; and capturing neighboring islands as well.

Magic Island Selfie Again

Magic Island Selfie

Island on the background

Selfies by the landscape. Exploring the island resort and take selfies at any spot.

Magic Island Stone

Magic Island Stones

Selfies by the rails. The fence of the island resort separating the property from other haven’t escaped for us to take selfies.

Selfie by the railings

Selfie BY the Rails

Magic Island Handrails

Magic Island Handrails Wacky

The Island Hopping

Magic Island Resort at the Background

Best part of every trip – Island Hopping! Beautiful. Speechless. Ughhhh. I just can see the corals underneath. The water seemed to be transparent that all the ocean’s content are viewable at the top of the sea.

The Island

Magic Island Hoping

Island Hoping Adventure Two

Island Hoping Adventure

Then we came across this island which looks like a crocodile literally. Swimming! This comes after this. Swam. Swam. Swam.

The crocodile island

Crocodile Island at the Background

Selfies with the starfish.

Me and The Starfish

Me and The Starfish and the Photobomber

Me and The Starfish Again

After the island hopping, we went back to the resort for some team building activities and a sumptuous lunch of course. After which, we have an small awarding ceremony where the EOMs with all smile as they will went home with cash and bragging rights.


But since we love selfies as much as we love food, we took more selfies.

Selfies by another rails. Now strike a pose with a different fence.

Selfie by another railings

Let’ end this adventure with an epic fail jump shot and happy emoticons by the sand.

magic island jumpshot

Happy Faces


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