Buying a Second Home? Choose to Invest in Iloilo

Livable, Sustainable, and Resilient. This sums up what Iloilo is all about. It is not rare to see Iloilo on the top of the trending list where netizens would express, that they would want to pay a visit to Iloilo and read stories of tourists, both local and international, who visited Iloilo once and never wanted to leave from here. Some had even settled here, permanently.

If you are curious about why you should buy your next home in Iloilo City, here are some of the reasons:

Iloilo is Livable

And it even has its goal of being the “most livable”. The Department of Human Settlements and Urban Development (“DHSUD”) has sealed the approval of Iloilo City’s 2021-2029 Comprehensive Land Use Plan (“CLUP”).

What does this mean? Iloilo City is in the right direction of achieving its vision of becoming “a more livable, innovative and well-governed locality”.

Iloilo City never runs out of the opportunity. It may not be big as Manila or Cebu but can fairly compete in attracting investors. Establishments are popping up everywhere – hotels, malls, restaurants, and on top are the business process outsourcing (BPO) companies that give residents the work they need and deserve.

Iloilo is Sustainable

Iloilo City is a highly urbanized city but with no long traffic, overcrowded spaces, and polluted surroundings.

Iloilo City has started its efforts of moving people, not cars. It has claimed its spot being the most-friendly bike city where people utilize bike lanes, and go bike-to-work, cementing its title as the bike capital of the country.

It has been successful in rehabilitating its river. Proudly nesting in one of the country’s most beautiful esplanades. It is not just for display but the private and local governments are working hand in hand to bring fish and life to the river so people can go fishing and have some food on their table.

Aside from this, there are also other initiatives like backyard farming and gardening. The government is handing free seedlings, seeds, and poultry so that every barangay (unit of society) and family can have something to start with.

This place is also the home of open spaces where its people can freely walk, jog, and unwind. As mentioned, there are the esplanades and the restored plaza complex, landmarks, and sites where people can breathe a little.

The beautification programs are also untiringly working in landscaping and gardening the whole city. Aside from these beautiful flowers and ornamental plants, you can also roam around and appreciate the art like murals and sculptures all over the place.

Iloilo is Resilient

The most unprecedented event that everyone has faced in this lifetime not just this humble city but the world is the COVID-19 pandemic. Iloilo City is one of those cities in which COVID responses have been commendable.

Both the private and the public sectors stood up to help everyone in need. Too long to enumerate but some programs were soup kitchens, endless donation drives, vaccination campaigns, and hygiene kit distribution.

The Bayanihan (communal unity) spirit of Ilonggos is also evident in natural calamities, especially during typhoons, flooding, earthquakes, and even fire.

The cost of living is cheaper compared to big cities. Consumer prices are lower which translates to more groceries you stock up in your pantry. Housing is much cheaper, with rent as much as 80% lower in Iloilo. That said, buying an apartment or a house and a lot for sale in Iloilo is probably the best investment you can get.

To help you start with the purchase journey, realtors of Iloilo are always ready to help. You can also make use of calculators for estimating affordability.

With the right choices, you would only need less money than you might spend in other big cities to maintain the equivalent lifestyle in Iloilo.


Sheila is a legal editor and a digital marketing enthusiast. She is a kdrama fan, a dog person and a certified foodie!

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