Fun Games for Kids, and Kids at Heart

It feels like it was only yesterday when we were all in kindergarten. Too bad most 90s kids were not able to play games online due to technology but also great because we played a lot of fun games still.

As the world continues to change and most are done online, probably one of the best things is websites where kids and kids-at-heart can play fun and educational games.

As most of our batchmates have already kids of their own, what we have been doing in our time, the new generation can also do in their time – and now online.

Here are some of the games and activities we used to play and do offline that we can now play online.

Twin the Bin

Twin the Bin is a recycling game. It teaches kids about recycling in a fun way. Every level has an instruction on what item to collect. Kids can apply this in real-life recycling as they are already familiar on what are the trashes that can be reused. The player can utilize the arrow keys to move the character left and right.

twin the bin

Play Twin the Bin here

Egg Go

Egg Go is a simple game to help children sort bad green eggs from good white eggs to cook and nearly hatched eggs. All they must do is click the corresponding place where the egg belongs. It helps them hone their decision-making skills by having fun.

Egg Go

Play Egg Go here

Pizza Party

Pizza Party channels the player’s inner server. It aims to serve virtual guests customized pizzas using ingredients. Customers will come in and will show a picture of their order. The Player will then select from the ingredients tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, basil, and oregano. It should match the order shown on the screen. Customers will give tips and send happy emojis if you get the orders right and fast.

Ingredients become complicated as the level raises. It is good to practice coordination skills as well as get things done fast and accurately.

Pizza Party

Play Pizza Party here

Food Count

Food Count is the ideal game to have fun with while learning Math. Most may find Math difficult and boring but through these visuals and graphics, Math may appear simpler. The game helps kids count by showing various food items and they will have to select the correct answers.

It will show only specific food items per round like donuts, fries, and burgers and the player will select the correct number that is shown on the screen.

food count

Play Food Count here

Farm Animals Memory

Farm Animals Memory is a fun memory card matching game. It’s more fun because as the player flips the card, the audio speaks about what kind of animal is shown. It will help kids be familiar with the animals through the photos shown as they play.

You can select levels from very easy to hard.

Farm Animals Memory

Play Farm Animals Memory here

These are only a few of the recommended games. To check out what are other games suited or best for your kids, check out this website because there is still a lot to explore.

Giving kids an ample amount of screen time can also bring benefits to them. Through these online games, parents can help them develop their creativity early, can increase their speed in problem-solving, make them computer-literate, and hone their memory.


Sheila is a digital marketing enthusiast. She is a kdrama fan, a dog person and a certified foodie!

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