Rebuy or Regret: My Personal Review on DAZZLE ME Mousse Lip Cream

DAZZLE ME Mousse Lip Cream is a moisturizing, high-pigmented, and long-lasting mousse lip cream from DAZZLE ME. I got one as a birthday gift and as a lipstick enthusiast I am always on the lookout for innovative products, I was excited to see how this lip mousse would perform.

Here’s my review of it.

You canĀ buy DAZZLE ME Mousse Lip Cream here.


The texture of DAZZLE ME Mousse Lip Cream is divine. It has a velvety, airy consistency that glides effortlessly onto the lips, providing a smooth and even application. The formula feels weightless, making it feel as if I am wearing nothing.

Is it “Long-Lasting”?

For me, no. It looks pretty only upon application. It doesn’t stay that long on the lips. It is not mask-proof, transfer-proof, or kiss-proof. You need to reapply from time to time. I am only wearing this when I am running a quick errand like stepping out of the house quick to pay bills or buy something in the grocery or market.

The Packaging

The packaging is sleek and practical. It looks expensive as if it is glass but more of a plastic material. The size is also compact and can fit smaller pouches or bags. It is typically as small as the traditional bullet lipstick.

It comes with an applicator that allows for precise and easy application.

Additional details

If it would matter, the scent of this is so sweet. It is almost like a candy that you would love to lick, but note that the product is tasteless.


DAZZLE ME Mousse Lip Cream is lightweight, and it smells nice. However, this is not transfer-proof. It is ideal for those who would want to have a lip cream that is not sticky and heavy but not for those who are looking for something that would last a day.

Rebuy or Regret

Regret. This is just good as “pambahay” lippie. Can’t last long hours of errands outside.


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