The Ultimate List Of Annual Food Holidays


January 1: Bloody Mary Day
January 4: National Spaghetti Day
January 13: National Gluten Free Day
January 15: National Bagel Day
January 20: National Cheese Lover’s Day
January 23: National Pie Day
January 27: National Chocolate Cake Day
January 28: National Blueberry Pancake Day
January 30: National Croissant Day
January 31: National Hot Chocolate Day


February 7: National Fettuccine Alfredo Day
February 9: National Bagels and Lox Day
February 9: Pizza Day
February 13: National Tortellini Day
February 18: Drink Wine Day
February 20: National Cherry Pie Day
February 22: National Margarita Day
February 24: National Tortilla Chp Day
February 25: National Clam Chowder Day
February 27: National Strawberry Day
February 28: National Chili Day


March 1: National Peanut Butter Lovers Day
March 7: National Cereal Day
March 9: National Meatball Day
March 10: National Ranch Dressing Day
March 13: National Ginger Ale Day
March 14: National Potato Chip Day & National Reuben Day
March 18: Oatmeal Cookie Day
March 19: National Poultry Day
March 20: National Ravioli Day
March 21: National French Bread Day
March 23: National Chip and Dip Day
March 24: National Cocktail Day
March 26: National Spinach Day
March 31: Tater Day


April 2: National Peanut Butter And Jelly Day
April 3: National Chocolate Mousse Day
April 4: National Ramen Noodle Day
April 5: National Deep Dish Pizza Day
April 7: National Beer Day & National Burrito Day
April 12: Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day
April 16: National Eggs Benedict Day
April 26: National Pretzel Day
April 27: National Prime Rib Day
April 29: National Shrimp Scampi Day


May 4: National Orange Juice Day
May 5: National Hoagie Day
May 10: National Shrimp Day
May 11: Eat What You Want Day
May 13: National Apple Pie Day & International Hummus Day
May 14: National Buttermilk Biscuit Day
May 15: National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day
May 25: National Wine Day
May 28: National Brisket Day & National Hamburger Day
May 31: National Macaroon Day


June 3: National Egg Day
June 4: National Cheese Day
June 7: National Doughnut Day & National Chocolate Ice Cream Day
June 10: National Iced Tea Day
June 15: National Lobster Day
June 16: National Fudge Day
June 17: Eat All Your Veggies Day
June 18: National Sushi Day
June 21: National Smoothie Day
June 22: National Onion Rings Day
June 25: National Catfish Day
June 28: National Ceviche Day
June 30: National Ice Cream Soda Day


July 4: National Caesar Salad Day
July 6: National Fried Chicken Day
July 10: National Piña Colada Day
July 11: National Mojito Day
July 12: National Pecan Pie Day
July 13: National French Fries Day
July 14: National Macaroni Day
July 17: National Hot Dog Day
July 20: National Fortune Cookie Day
July 22: National BLT Day
July 23: National Vanilla Ice Cream Day
July 29: National Chicken Wing Day & National Lasagna Day
July 30: National Cheesecake Day


August 1: National IPA Day
August 3: National Watermelon Day
August 4: National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day
August 5: National Oyster Day
August 10: National S’mores Day
August 13: National Filet Mignon Day & National Prosecco Day
August 16: National Bratwurst Day & National Rum Day
August 19: National Potato Day
August 20: National Bacon Lovers Day
August 23: National Cuban Sandwich Day
August 24: National Waffle Day
August 25: National Banana Split Day
August 29: Chop Suey Day
August 31: Eat Outside Day


September 1: National Gyro Day
September 5: National Cheese Pizza Day
September 9: National Wiener Schnitzel Day
September 12: National Chocolate Milkshake Day
September 15: National Linguine Day
September 16: National Guacamole Day
September 18: National Cheeseburger Day
September 22: National Ice Cream Cone Day
September 23: National Key Lime Pie Day
September 25: National Lobster Day
September 26: National Pancake Day
September 28: National Drink Beer Day
September 29: National Coffee Day


October 1: World Vegetarian Day
October 4: National Taco Day & National Vodka Day
October 6: National Noodle Day
October 9: National Submarine-Hoagy-Hero-Grinder Day
October 11: National Sausage Pizza Day
October 12: National Gumbo Day
October 14: National Dessert Day
October 16: World Bread Day
October 17: National Pasta Day
October 18: National Chocolate Cupcake Day
October 22: National Nut Day
October 27: American Beer Day
October 28: National Chocolate Day


November 1: World Vegan Day
November 3: National Sandwich Day
November 5: National Doughnut Day
November 6: National Nachos Day
November 8: National Cappuccino Day
November 10: National Vanilla Cupcake Day
November 11: National Sundae Day
November 14: National Pickle Day
November 16: National Fast Food Day
November 17: National Baklava Day
November 23: National Espresso Day
November 26: National Cake Day
November 30: National Mousse Day


December 1: National Pie Day
December 4: National Cookie Day
December 5: National Comfort Food Day
December 6: National Gazpacho Day
December 9: National Pastry Day
December 10: National Lager Day
December 14: National Biscuits and Gravy Day
December 15: National Cupcake Day
December 17: National Maple Syrup Day
December 20: National Fried Shrimp Day
December 24: National Egg Nog Day
December 30: Bacon Day
December 31: National Champagne Day


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