Tread Carefully: Here’s What I Have to Say on the First Five Days of Meta’s Threads

As a Twitter person, my eyebrow raised when I heard about Threads. I have been tweeting for 14 years now and then this microblogging platform like Twitter is born? I was hesitant to sign up at first but as a blogger, internet marketer, and digital person, I must see what it has to offer.

Sign-up is easy. Just download the app. You can auto login via the Instagram account, and it will lift almost everything from there including the profile pic.

I spent the first few hours in hiding and muting the celebrities on my feed. Maybe by default, Threads assumed that I am into entertainment. It took me some time to finally build the feed that will show my interest.

A couple of days later, I get the hang out of it and became comfortable using it.

Here are some of the things that I have noticed.


Clickable links. We love to see another traffic source in our Analytics reports. If you are a website or blog owner and capitalizing on visits, posting links responsible could help in lead generation which can convert later to sales.

Can add more than four pics. For those who are into aesthetics, e-commerce, and explainer graphics, the good news because you can add a maximum of 10 photos in one post. But Threads being a threaded platform, you can add some more in the replies/thread section.

Something personal. Threads would only allow a certain number of characters per post. It would entail that the platform is for quick thoughts, not the whole article. It may also include motivation, humble brags, dedications, and rants.


Slower upload time. I have noticed that photos take time to upload versus Twitter. I uploaded the same post, containing the same images but Threads turn-around-time is a bit slower.

Drafts are not saving. So, on my first day, I attempted to post a whole thread of what I ate on a lunch buffet. I was adding thread one by one, but it crashed on my 10th thread, when I returned to the app, there is no place for drafts. I had to redo the whole thread again but this time, I upload the main thread and made sure that each thread is published before I am adding a new one.

Can’t embed it. Embedding to lift the thread to a site’s HTML is not yet available. But I am positive that it will be soon.

Threads is a promising platform. Like others, when done right and regulated will bring positivity to your brand, advocacy, organization, or personal profile. Whatever the reason you may have why are you on Threads, always remember to tread carefully.



Sheila is a digital marketing enthusiast. She is a kdrama fan, a dog person and a certified foodie!

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