Christmas is the Happiest Season

Christmas: it is not only the most awaited day but the happiest season that is always been looked forward to. Regardless of age, it brings out the inner child in us. Indeed, the magic of Christmas is not ordinary. It is beyond words to explain. Currently, Christmas is being attributed to this: seeing people rushing back and forth, relentless traffic south and north, festivities here and there, and colorful lights everywhere. Nonetheless of the festivities around, is this what Christmas is all about?

Indeed, Christmas is not more upon the externalities. It must create within us such a jovial feeling that no words can explain. The celebration must be meaningful and likewise purposeful. Here are the ways that even with little things, you can have a meaningful Christmas.

Celebrate with family.

Christmas is not meant to be just a solo flight or a one-person celebration. Let this season move you to reach out to your families and the people close to your heart. Moreover, one of the most precious gifts that a person can impart is time. Often, this is left for granted. Cherish Christmas with the presence of those you love. There are a lot of fun and lively things to be engaged with. It only comes once a year; so never miss out on the chance.

Celebrate with love.

Appreciating the gift of love is not only limited to February 15. Most of all, Christmas is the best time to do such, as we celebrate the greatest Gift that God has imparted unto the world. To love is to make others feel that they are enough. It is more about giving encouragement and lifting each other’s burdens in this dark and crazy world. Share. Share. Share. Even in the littlest you have, know that you are capable of etching smiles upon other people’s faces.

Even if it hurts, learn likewise to forgive and let go of the excess baggage you carry. Turn your frowns into a smile. Remember, we are celebrating Christmas, not Good Friday. Christmas love is not limited to December 25. It must be lived out through the new year.

Celebrate with hope.

This jubilant season must also reinvigorate your sense of hope. Let the Christmas carols you hear everywhere lead you to stop for a while and see how far you’ve been. What are your deepest hopes? What does your heart truly desire? Where do you want to see yourself years from now? Write that down and pray for that. Let this season inspire you that there will always be radiance amid the dark episodes of your life. Your problems would soon pass away, but the goodness of God in your life never changes.

Celebrate with a sense of fulfillment.

As another Christmas day passes by our lifetime, let it be another highlight. Allow it to remind you that you have gone far, and you are still getting further. Let Christmas be a moment for you to see that despite of cruelties you’ve undergone, you would always be loved, appreciated, and deemed as worth it. You had been a light to the world, and there would always be people that are grateful and glad that you exist. Have a Joyful Christmas.

Christmas may appear as just another day on the calendar, but it is something worth celebrating. You have the right to let the world pause for a while and take part in the jubilations, especially with family and friends around. Moreover, the spirit of Christmas is not dependent on the gifts that you will open at midnight, the presence of a sumptuous meal, or the fun affairs, you will have that day. It is more about finding its true meaning and living its challenges out. It is up to you to discover the meaning of Christmas.

Once you do, let it seep into your heart. There you’ll find joys that will never end and love beyond all telling. From our family to yours, a blessed and Merry Christmas to everyone!

Gabby Castrojas

Gabby Castrojas is a poem enthusiast, urban adventurer and savvy in rich tradition of Iloilo. He is currently writing in order to provide a glimpse of the rich festivals and traditions in the City of Love. He likes to engage in unraveling the hidden wonders in the Queen City of the South.

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