Rebuy or Regret: My Personal Review on the Johnson’s Baby Powder Inspired Perfume

Disclaimer: This is a personal review and may differ from others who may have also purchased the product.

I stumbled upon this trending Johnson’s Baby Powder Inspired Perfume, and I immediately added it to my cart. Due to high demand, my order was labeled pre-order: ships in 30 days. The seller had to confirm to me if I was willing to wait and I said yes.

Johnson's Baby Powder Inspired Perfume

You can buy Johnson’s Baby Powder Inspired Perfume here.

Ever since the milk and rice scent was released in the market, I have personally added these to my routine. It does not matter how old I am now but I am still using its baby powder, bath wash, and baby lotion. This is why when I saw the item online, I hurriedly wanted to get one.

The Fragrance

When I received it, unfortunately, it did not meet my expectations. The fragrance is far from what it is supposed to smell. Although it is not overpowering like some adult colognes, still, the scent was still not the one I was expecting. But overall the smell is subtle and clean.

The Bottle

The bottle design is practical. Application is a breeze. The spray nozzle dispenses just the right amount, ensuring that I don’t overdo it. It’s perfect for a quick spritz after bath time or a light touch-up throughout the day. It’s easy to hold and dispense the cologne effortlessly. My only concern is that it is a little heavy to carry with you and occupies a big space in your kit. But it can be easily transferred to smaller and lighter bottles.

Does it Last?

No. I was outdoors, commuting, and transferring from one place to another. The scent could not last for an hour. You may need to re-spray from time to time.

Since these are only “inspired” by Johnson’s Baby Powder I hope the real Johnson’s would release their cologne or mist version. I also got the “blossoms” variation and like the “milk and rice,” it doesn’t smell like the real blossoms of Johnson’s. I was not able to purchase the “lavender” variation because I don’t like lavender scents.

In summary, I don’t recommend this perfume if you want to smell the real milk and rice. But it is decent to keep you or your baby smelling fresh without overwhelming scent.

Rebuy or Regret

Regret. I could have just spent my money on other scents available.


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