Christmas: it is not only the most awaited day but the happiest season that is always been looked forward to. Regardless of age, it brings out the inner child in us. Indeed, the magic of Christmas is not ordinary. It is beyond words to explain. Currently, Christmas is being attributed […]

Walang forever! Magbebreak din kayo balang araw! These are a few of the bitter words that we are going to tirelessly and continuously hear as we approach the following Sunday: February 14. Indeed, the idea of Valentine’s Day varies from one person to another. It may be deemed as either […]

Jaro Fiesta 2021 is here. After the Dinagyang 2021 Festival, religious celebrations in the Queen City of the South does not eventually conclude. Devotees not only from the City of Love but also coming from the different corners of the world, flock to Jaro every second day of February in […]