I – Check whether you are qualified to any CHED Scholarship Programs (CSPs) Eligibility Requirements • Filipino citizen; • Graduating high school student/High school graduate with general weighted average (GWA) of at least 93% or above; • Combined annual gross income of parent/s, guardian which does not exceed Four Hundred […]

Mothers are better than Facebook. They can read through you without asking “What’s on your mind?” Mothers are better than Twitter. They already know before you answer “What’s happening?” Mothers are better than Instagram. They have snaps of you since time immemorial. Mothers are better than Pinterest. They never run […]

Walang forever! Magbebreak din kayo balang araw! These are few of the bitter words that we are going to tirelessly and continuously hear as we approach the following Sunday: February 14. Indeed, the idea of Valentine’s Day varies from one person to another. It may be deemed as either a […]

A group of Cotabato farmers led by a young agricultural engineer is now starting to make and market the Bamboo Face Shield. The Bamboo Face Shields are handmade by members of the Central Mindanao Green Workers Association and sold for P80 per piece. The Bamboo Face Shield was designed by […]

“Physical distancing”, “self-quarantine” and “flattening the curve”. These are only few words that has been dominating in our community as COVID-19 causes a global pandemic. I will not be lying but I found this situation stressful at first. Stress and anxiety creeps in slowly as the news started to focus […]

THE Cultural Center of the Philippines presents the Philippine Philharmonic Orchestra (PPO) in a Musical Instruments Appreciation Series for Children and Families, a virtual “instruments petting zoo” to be held on Sundays, starting on June 21 at 4:00 PM, in celebration of Father’s Day. The series focuses on a different […]

A sudden change in the everyday routine of adolescents and young individuals spiked because of the COVID-19 pandemic, affecting their behavior and mental health status. In light of this, House Mapag-Aruga of the Young House Heroes Initiative brings you #PositiviTalks: Spark of Hope for the Filipino Youth, an online platform […]

Stationery_PH reminds us that every day is a good day to shop for stationery items. As someone who is slightly obsessed with stationery, I (like you) just can’t resist pretty things. Bookstores, craft stores and stationery section in the mall are few of my favorite destination. If there are no […]

Barter is a term used when two parties exchange good or services without using money. It is an old method that even our ancestors were doing when Philippine currency was still unavailable. For example, if a tribesman would like to have some fish he would present his chickens or pig […]


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