A Night of Gugma: A Fusion of Art and Advocacy for Mental Wellness by Creative Ilonggos


In the vibrant heart of Iloilo City, a campaign event is set to take center stage with Ilonggo talents for A Night of Gugma. “A Night of Gugma” is not just a gathering of talents but a powerful movement for mental wellness crafted by creative minds in the Ilonggo community. Scheduled for April 27, 2024, at 6 PM at Events Hall, this event promises an unforgettable blend of music, spoken poetry, and heartfelt confessions, all aimed at nurturing emotional well-being.

A Night of Gugma

Amidst the hustle and bustle of daily life, the organizers of “A Night of Gugma” recognized the pressing need to address mental health challenges within the Ilonggo community. In response, they curated an experience designed to foster reflection, healing, and solidarity. By bringing together local artists and performers, they hope to spark conversations, inspire introspection, and promote positive coping mechanisms for personal struggles.

As the night unfolds, attendees are invited to participate in a series of heartfelt confessions, where individuals share their stories of triumph, resilience, and hope. In this safe and supportive environment, walls are broken down, stigma is shattered, and healing begins.

Tickets are available at 60:40, corner Amigo, Iznart Street, Iloilo. VIP tickets are P500 only which includes a dinner buffet and a front seat while General Admission tickets are at P300 only for free seating arrangement.

None of this would be possible without the generous support of the event’s sponsors, who have rallied behind the cause of mental wellness with unwavering dedication.

Brand Sponsors:

✅ Xtend Ops
✅LM Life Support Wellness Center
✅Stella PH
✅ Dois Seafood & Big Plates
✅ Mansing Coffee
✅Elynna’s Cafe
✅Acosa Accounting
✅Mr Float
✅ Crazy Rich Chicken
✅ Events at Amigo
✅ Chubs Line
✅ Modela Filipina
✅ Jardin Mediterranean Restaurant
✅ Mojino’s Pizza
✅ Citadines Amigo Iloilo
✅ Happy Brows
✅ Kanto Kawali
✅ Ya-mi Bistro
✅ Glory’s Cafe

Official media partners, including Iloilo Content Creators, Iloilo Bloggers Society, and Opinyon Panay, have also lent their platforms to amplify the event’s message, ensuring that it reaches every corner of the community.

Ilonggo Talents includes:

Angelkym – Kung Bal-an Mo Lang Tani
Raffy Buenavidez – Inday
Mista Blaze -Kanugon Day, Ga lingin Ang Mga Ulo
Tom Falconite – Wala Na Sang Kita, Pavia-an
Coach Nile – Ilonggo Writer – Soul Searching
QZ Martin – USALT – Spoken Poetry
John Anthony – Spoken Poetry
Rdawn – Danze Unlimited Danza
Ruth Lazaro and Joem – Contemporary Dance
Bronze P. – Basta Ilongga Gwapa
R-nic – Sa Imo Ko Nakita
DJ S1ngle – after party

Official Media partners:
Iloilo Content Creators
Iloilo Bloggers Society
Opinyon Panay

“A Night of Gugma” is more than just an event; it’s a movement—a testament to the power of art, community, and compassion to heal the soul. In a world where the pressures of modern life can often feel overwhelming, it serves as a beacon of hope, reminding us that we are not alone in our struggles and that together, we can overcome even the darkest of nights.

A Night of Gugma Performances

Coach Nile

Coach Nile is a vision coach, an Ilonggo author of 5 books, a mission trip organizer, a missionary, a mental wellness advocate, a business consultant, and an empowerment speaker who specializes in unleashing the greatness of every person through his books, talks, conferences, mission trips, and clarity sessions for personal branding, business development, and ministry planning. His personal goal is to empower people, help them find their purpose, and maximize their potential.

A Night of Gugma | Coach Nile

Bronze P

Bronze P is an independent Filipino Reggaeton sensation hailing from the vibrant streets of Iloilo City, Philippines. As the founder of record label I Records and the group Clique THIS, Bronze P is not just an artist; he’s a force in the music industry. With a knack for crafting infectious beats and captivating entertainment, Bronze P wears many hats as a recording artist, music producer, and music video director.

His talent has not gone unnoticed, as evidenced by his nominations for prestigious awards such as Best New Artist at the Philippine Hiphop Awards and Best Male Artist at the Ilonggo Music Awards in 2010. Additionally, his group, Clique THIS, garnered recognition with nominations for Hiphop Group of the Year and the coveted Song of the Year for their hit track “Ilongga Gwapa.”

A Night of Gugma | Basta Ilongga Gwapa | Bronze P

A Night of Gugma | Bronze P | City of Love

A Night of Gugma | Bronze P and Mr. Parann | Bayle

A Night of Gugma | Tom Falconite | Basi Pa Man Lang

Tom Falconite

Tomas Falconite is a multifaceted Ilonggo, blending his expertise as a medical technologist by profession with his fervent passion for music and content creation. Known as “pancitcantoms” across social media platforms, Tomas captivates audiences with his soulful singing and original songwriting. With nine songs available for streaming on Spotify and YouTube, he continues to leave a lasting impression on listeners worldwide. 

With contemporary dancers Ruth And Joem

Ruth is a Multi-gold Medalist who represented the Philippines from the 20th World Championship of Performing Arts in Long Beach California, USA, and the owner Of Dreamers Academy Dance Studio

Joem is the CEO and the ballet and contemporary dancer teacher of D&J Dance Studio Passi City. He is also a senior company member of Sidlangan Dance Company in Iloilo City.

A Night of Gugma | Tom Falconite | Pavia

A Night of Gugma | Tom Falconite | Wala Sang Kita

Mista Blaze

Mista Blaze of the Ilonggo duo called ILL Prideis one of the pioneers and founders of Ilonggo rap music that took over the airwaves back in 2003 with their hit singles topping the charts for months against local and international music scene. ILL Pride is known for its most popular and most requested songs Lingin, Maoy, and Kanugon Day. Mista Blaze is also a member of the award-winning group called BlazenKane with numerous hit singles that garnered recognition in the Philippines Music Awards and PARI awards. ILL Pride put the local hip-hop scene back in its place when rock bands were taking over the industry with their single “We don’t die, we multiply” which gained more than 60 million views and still counting.

A Night of Gugma | Mista Blaze and Lawlic | We Don’t Die We Multiply

A Night of Gugma | Mista Blaze and Lawlic | Lingin

John Anthony Estelloso

John Anthony Estelloso is a passionate literature and art teacher at Ateneo de Iloilo, where he inspires students with his experiential knowledge and appreciation for creative expression. He is also a member of the Iloilo Critics Circle. Estelloso’s contributions extend beyond the classroom and the circle, as he shares his musical reviews and art critiques in the pages of the Daily Guardian, enriching readers with his thoughtful perspectives on culture and the arts.

A Night of Gugma | Hindi Pagpangitaa sa Buho sang Donut ang Kanamit | John Anthony Estolloso

A Night of Gugma | Sa Gab-i Makasulat Ako Sang Pinakamasubo nga mga Linya | John Anthony Estolloso


R-Nic, an Ilonggo Rap Artist, MC, and Hypeman, began his music career at 16. Since 2001, he’s been a prominent figure in Hip Hop/Rap, leading Ilonggo Down South and part of The Sound of Eunoia—A Collective of Rap Artists, affiliated with Southsyd Souljaz & SYK Unit. Known for his hit “Sa Imo Ko Nakita,” he’s recognized for his versatility on Spotify, YouTube, and Facebook. R-Nic is not only a musician but also a Club MC, DJ’s Hypeman, Producer, Composer, Entrepreneur, and Businessman. Awarded Best Ilonggo Male Artist at the 1st Ilonggo Music Awards, he continues to innovate and influence the Ilonggo music scene.

A Night of Gugma | R Nic | Much Love

A Night of Gugma | R Nic | Sa Imo

A Night of Gugma | R Nic | Sa Imo Ko Nakita

QZ Martin

QZ Martin is a dynamic theater artist with a rich background in performance, directing, and event management. With a foundation in Theater Arts from the INHS Special Program for the Arts and an AB in Communication Arts from the University of San Agustin, QZ has honed her craft across various platforms.

Her achievements include performing in numerous theater productions, directing her play as part of her thesis study, and making her directorial debut with a play by Jean Genet. QZ graduated with special awards in Directing and continued to expand her repertoire through involvement with the USA Little Theater.

QZ’s creative journey extends beyond the Philippines, as she has participated in international theater festivals and events in Cambodia and Bali, showcasing her talent on a global stage. With experience as an events host, stage director, theater instructor, performer, and creative director, QZ brings a wealth of expertise to every project she undertakes.

Peter Deocos

Peter Deocos is formerly the Alderman and Resident Choreographer of the USA Little Theater.

He is a lead actor in the Short Film “SOLO” directed by Kevin Pison Piamonte, the first Ilonggo film that won Best Short Film in the 69th FAMAS AWARDS.

He won Best Actor in a Leading Role, short film category in Solo during the 29th Filipino International Cine Festival in the USA.

Currently, he is a senior member and Contemporary Dance Instructor of Sidlangan Dance Company and the Creative Director of Sidlangan Events.

An actor in both stage and film, a choreographer, and a director.

A Night of Gugma | Spoken Poetry | QZ Martin

Raffy Buenavides

Meet Raffy Buenavides, the man and voice behind the iconic jingle of ILOILO SUPERMART and the nostalgic hit “INDAY,” which resonates deeply with kids born in the 90s and early 2000s. As a singer and composer, Raffy has a knack for crafting melodies that tug at the heartstrings and evoke cherished memories. 

A Night of Gugma | Raffy Buenavides | Tuod nga Gugma

A Night of Gugma | Raffy Buenavides | Inday

A Night of Gugma | Raffy Buenavides | Nonoy


From being the first Madlang Hurado of It’s Showtime on ABS-CBN Manila to being the choreographer for Danze Unlimited Danza, R-Dawn’s versatility knows no bounds.

He has showcased his skills as a composer and singer, creating memorable jingles since 2005. Additionally, he has hosted segments on Sikat Ka Iloilo on ABS-CBN Iloilo and Lakwatsa Ni R-Dawn on TV Patrol Panay, while also serving as a DJ for Tukar Sa Tag Lugar of M.O.R. 91.1.

As a local artist, R-Dawn shines as a rapper, known for his contributions to Rap in Panay. With a diverse portfolio spanning music, hosting, and choreography, R-Dawn continues to leave an indelible mark on the Iloilo entertainment scene.

A Night of Gugma | R Dawn and Danze Unlimited Danza

A Night of Gugma | R Dawn and Danze Unlimited Danza | Ilonggo Reggae

A Night of Gugma | R Dawn and Danze Unlimited Danza | Sikat ka, Iloilo!

Angelkym Acusta

Angelkym Acusta is an independent singer-songwriter, lifestyle entrepreneur, content creator, singer, and writer behind the llonggo Pop hit song “Kung Bal-an Mo Lang Tani”. She is a registered member of The Filipino Society of Composers. Authors and Publishers, Inc.(FILSCAP). “Kung Bal-an Mo Lang Tani” won an award as the Song of the Year last 2010 under ABS-CBN ILONGGO MUSIC AWARDS. She has released her latest track with Tom Falconite “Sa Lugar Lang” and has over 15 years of experience recording and songwriting. Angelkym has over a million views on YouTube and has original songs on Spotify.

A Night of Gugma | Angelkym Acusta | Love Potion

A Night of Gugma | Angelkym Acusta | Oras Na

A Night of Gugma | Angelkym Acusta | Ginahandum

A Night of Gugma | Angelkym Acusta | Tuod nga Pagpalangga

A Night of Gugma | Angelkym Acusta | MU

A Night of Gugma | Angelkym Acusta | Kung Bal-an Mo Lang Tani

A Night of Gugma | Angelkym Acusta and Tom Falconite | Sa Lugar Lang




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