Top 8 Things From Botica China

Botica China (Lam Kong Botica) is one of the popular and still standing establishment in the downtown of Iloilo. Even at present, Ilonggos still patronize authentic Chinese products which you can only get from this store.

Personal note: I remember one of my tita requested me to buy her Chin Chun su and she kept on telling me to buy only here because everywhere else might be fake. This is also where we go to buy Mei Mei Beauty Face Powder that we used when we have role-playing in school and we need to make our faces white for a more realistic Asian character. Chin Chun su or Mena is a good base for the powder to stick in the longer.

The Pandemic Changes

Before the pandemic, you can enter the store and choose the product you wish to buy from the counter. Now, for safety, customers are not allowed to go inside. You can just stay outside where a staff would get your order and you wait in the sidewalk.

What Ilonggos Buy from Botica China?

Ilonggos gamely shared what they usually buy from this store. Here are some of their responses:

White Flower Embrocation

White Flower Embrocation or simply white flower is a topical pain remedy which commonly brings soothing relief for dizziness, headaches, stuffy nose, insect bites and soothes through aromatherapy.

White Flower Embrocation
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Kiamoy or Li hing mui is a salty and dried-up plum. It is believed that Kiamoy is used to deal with symptoms of nausea and other forms of motion sickness. Usuallym it is color red, orange or brown.

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Chin Chun su

Chin chun su is a facial cream suited for oriental skin both young and old. It is an all around cream and also recommended for use on any external dark spots of the body.

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Pei Pa Koa

Nin Jiom Pei Pa Koa is a herbal cough syrup and is a traditional Chinese remedy for the sore throat and coughs. It is pleasant tasting and all-year-round remedy to calm itchy, strained and stressed throat.

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Photo from DarkeyedBeauty

Kaminomoto is a believed to be an effective product to stop hair loss and promote hair regrowth. Users are also positive that it can treat conditions such as itchy scalp and oily scalp.

Tiger Balm

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Tiger Balm is topical and popular home remedy for pain. It has become a favorite in some households when treating muscle aches and tension. Many are also saying that it helps joint pains during intense weather changes.

Po Chai Pills

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Po Chai Pills is a traditional Chinese medicine product from several herbs. Po Chai is known to effectively improve gastrointestinal health and helps boost the immune system.

Jade Cranes Menthol Stick

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Jade Cranes Menthol Stick is used to get relief from ailments like headache, toothache, skin itchiness and muscle pains. It does not have a common liniment scent and smells like a fresh and minty candy.

Disclaimer: The information on this post is does not intend a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Content is for general information purposes only.

What Do You Buy from Botica China? [Infographics]

Botica China Iloilo

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