Nicolas Jalandoni Monument

Nicolas Jalandoni Monument is one located on an “island” in front of the Atrium and Iloilo Provincial Capitol. It was built in July 1913. With the busy streets of Iloilo and busy feet of Ilonggos doing personal errands daily, Nicolas Jalandoni is almost a forgotten personality of Iloilo City. Once upon a time, Nicolas Jalandoni is the most brilliant political personality in Iloilo.

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Who is Nicolas Jalandoni?

Nicolas Jalandoni was born in Jaro, Iloilo in 1881. He was the youngest member of the National Assembly at the age of 26. In 1907, the first national elections were held in the Philippines for delegates to the First National Assembly. Jalandoni was president of the Partido Nacionalista in Iloilo and member of the Nacionalista National Directorate.

nicolas jalandoni
Photo emailed by Francis Cong-ay

He won over two outstanding personalities – Juan de Leon, judge of the Court of First Instance, and Raymundo Melliza, former justice of the Supreme Court and immediate past governor of Iloilo.

He was the Benjamin of the Chamber and he was given the honor to preside the opening session of the National Assembly. The delegates elected Sergio Osmeña as Speaker. On the other hand, Jalandoni was unanimously elected Speaker Protempore. Manuel Quezon was then chosen Majority Floor Leader.

He finished his Bachelor of Arts degree in Ateneo de Manila and the study of law in Escuela de Derecho in Manila. He became a secretary of the Escuela de Derecho and a teacher of political and criminal law subjects.

Jalandoni as Passionate Nationalist

Nicolas Jalandoni is the founder of Iloilo’s evening newspaper El Adalid (The Hero). The editor was Federico Ortiz. The newspaper aims to promote nationalism. He also founded Ang Baganihan to let people express themselves in their native language. Few of the writers were Rosendo Mejica, Angel Magahum, Flavio Zaragoza Cano, Ulpiano Vergara, Eriberto Gumban, and Quirico Abeto.

1909 Elections

Jalandoni lost to Carlos Ledesma of the Progresista Party in the elections of 1909. Nevertheless, Jalandoni remained to be the president of the Nacionalista Party in Iloilo. He worked hard to strengthen his political party in Iloilo but he died before the next election happened.

Nicolas Jalandoni Quotes

On losing in the elections:

Podemos caersi sin embargo procuraremoslevantararemos otra vez.

(We can fall, nevertheless, we must try to rise again.)

On his remaining days:

Yo notemo morir pero siento no veraun coronados los esfuerzos denacionalismo.

(I’m not afraid to die but I am sad not to see the triumph of nationalism.)

Nicolas Jalandoni Monument

nicolas jalandoni monument
Photo by Vic Salas, Old Iloilo

When Jalandoni dies, Iloilo mourned. On the committee were Quintin Salas (president) and the following members: Amando Avanceña, Quirico Abeto, Federico Ortiz, Eladio de Guia, Fidel Hervas (secretary), and Cresenciano Lozano (treasurer) to erect a monument to his honor. The unveiled of the monument was on July 19, 1913.

The monument is standing there for more than a century. The location is at the center, yet it is difficult to notice. Even the inscriptions in are monument can no longer be read.


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