Iloilo City Cultural Heritage: West Visayas State University – Quezon Hall

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The Iloilo Normal School, now Quezon Hall of the West Visayas State University, was completed in 1926 at the cost of P396,019.27.

Originally, the reinforced concrete structure consisted of a two-story main building and two one-story wings (Bureau of Public Works Bulletin, 1 Jan 1927 – Vol. 15, No. 1, p. 21).

Iloilo Normal School, now Quezon Hall of the West Visayas State University

U-shaped with an area of 2,805 square meters, the main building measured 13.75 by 70.00 meters while its wings measured 12.17 by 23.15 meters.

With renowned architect Juan Arellano as consulting architect (Bulletin, 1 Jan 1920, p. 36), its construction started on 19 August 1919.

The main building had a galvanized iron roof, while the wings had a tile roof laid over asphalted felt waterproofing.

One wing was intended for the school library while the other wing was for a laboratory (Bulletin, 1 Jan 1921, p. 15).

The Bureau of Public Works first appropriated P175,089.97 (Ibid, p. 19) for the building and extended a loan of P75,000 to the Province of Iloilo so it can provide a counterpart (p. 34).

Work was suspended due to lack of funds but resumed by July 1920 with an additional appropriation of P76,315.00. Subsequent works were done under three separate contracts (loc cit, p. 21).

It was the “most imposing school in Western Visayas,” according to the Bureau of Public Works (loc cit, p. 15).

The building sustained damages during World War II and was rebuilt under the Philippine Rehabilitation Act of 1946. Later, second floors were added to its wings.

In 1965, by virtue of Republic Act No. 4189, Iloilo Normal School became the West Visayas State College.
On 27 January 1986, the college became a university when President Marcos issued Presidential Decree No. 2019, integrating the Iloilo National College of Agriculture (INCA) into its system.

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