List of Streets in Iloilo (and the Origin of their Names)

Streets are not only indicators of locations, directions, and addresses but they are also signposts to history and our culture. Their names identify and give permanence to places, describe the characteristics of environs and honor events and persons of significance—living and dead.

Here is a list of the most interesting street names one can find in and around Iloilo City.

J. De Leon Street

Juan Benedicto de Leon, a lawyer-politician from Iloilo, was the publisher of El Tiempo, a periodical noted for its conviction and fearlessness. Some of the positions he held were Justice of the Peace of Iloilo; member of the Tribunal of Justice and councilor in the Visayan Federal Government during the Revolution; municipal president of Iloilo; CFI judge of the province and later of the 12th Judicial District which comprised the provinces of Leyte, Samar, and Surigao; and president of Agricultural Association of Panay and Negros

Aldeguer Street

Contrary to the popular belief that the street is named after Jose M. Aldeguer, an Ilonggo delegate to the Constitutional Convention in 1934 and the representative of the 5th district of Iloilo during the 4th Congress of the Philippines, Aldeguer Street is named after Manuel Aldeguer where his house blessed by Bishop Mariano Cuartero is located (1870-1880).

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Iznart Street

Iznart St. – named after the alcalde-mayor of Iloilo in the late 1860’s, Manuel Iznart.

Plazoleta Gay

Plazoleta Gay – from Alcalde Jose Ma. Gay, the last Spanish Alcalde Mayor of Iloilo and the son of Vicente Gay and Trinidad Ditching Soriano

Ortiz Street

Ortiz St. – from Don Joaquin Ortiz Sr., a Spanish noble and wealthy family born in 1798 in Estepa, Sevilla, Spain and had the title of Marques de Luna. He traveled around the Philippines looking for a better location for establishing a business (shipyard) and he found that Iloilo was situated in the center of the Philippines and had ample supply of timber for his ships. Here he decided to invest shipping business. Frigates, Batels and Bergantins were what tobe found being built in his shipyard. It was also said that he built a beautiful Bergantine which he gave as a gift to Queen Maria Cristina de Borbon. He donated parts of his property for the widening of the roads and making new ones and so becoming one of the pioneers of in the development of the city. Because of this, in appreciation and acknowledgment for his selfless act, the officials then named Ortiz Street after him. . His donations are now part of JM Basa Street, Ortiz Street, Iznart Street, Rizal Street and Gen. Luna Street and a piece of the Plazoleta Gay.

Valeria Street

Valeria St. – named after Valeria Lopez Ledesma (Born on April 27, 1866 ). She is daughter of Anastacio Lopez Ledesma and Clara Jalandoni Lopez who donated that piece of land.

Valeria Ledesma
Valeria Ledesma

Valeria Street, on the other hand, has the distinction of being one of the few streets to carry a first name rather than a surname. Valeria Ledesma, one of 17 children of the original owner, Anastacio Ledesma, donated the area to the city-and it was decided that since there already was a Ledesma Street named after her father, the street would bear her first name instead.

Arroyo Street

Arroyo St. – was named after Mariano Arroyo, a prominent son of Molo who became a senator in 1928 to 1930 during the American era.

I. De La Rama Street

I. de la Rama St., named after Isidro de la Rama, father of Esteban. Isidro started the shipping business with a small ferry boat. Later owned by Esteban it became the De la Rama Steamship Co. Don Esteban de la Rama who owned the largest shipping line based in Iloilo during the 1920s and the 1930s.

Guanco Street

Guanco St. – The street is so-called to recognize the deeds done by Espiridion Guanco, a dynamic politician from Molo who became a senator during the early part of the American era.

Mapa Street

Mapa St. – named after Victorino Mapa, a prominent son of Iloilo who was an active member of the Comite de Conspiradores. He became chief justice of the Supreme Court during the American Regime.

Ledesma Street

Anastacio Ledesma donated the area to the city.

Delgado Street

Delgado Street is considered the longest street in Iloilo City and is named after General Martin Delgado, the indomitable revolutionary who fought for Philippine independence against both the Spanish and American regimes.

Jalandoni Street

Jalandoni St. (City Proper) – named after Manuel Jalandoni of Jaro, member of the Comite Central Revolucionario de Visayas.

Muelle Loney Street

Nicholas Loney

Bonifacio Street

Andres Bonifacio

Benedicto Street

Avanceña Street

Arsenal Street

Burgos Street

Calasanz Street

Commission Civil Street

Compania Street

E. Lopez Street

Fuentes Street

Gen. Blanco Street

General Luna Street

Gomez Street

Infante Street

Lopez Jaena St.

Luna Street

M.H. Del Pilar Street

Mabini Street

Onate De Leon Street

Osmeña Street

Q. Abeto Street

Quintin Salas Street

R.Mapa Street

Ybiernas St

J.P. Rizal Street


Valeria Ledesma with a facsimile of her Last Will and Testament


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