Michelle Leong of LS Cafe

LS Cafe is an in-house café by Lifesprings Community Center located in R Mapa Street, Mandurriao. It is a good place where you can escape if you want to relax from the busy life of the city without going too far.

The place is filled with trees, flowers – totally calming. The food is affordable and delicious. Together, let us all meet Michelle Leong, the founder.

Please share something a little about Michelle

Michelle Leong, 31, Founder of Lifesprings Community Center. I love all things hospitality related. I love hosting guests, taking care of guests, cooking for parties, and feeding the multitudes.

ls cafe

With all the food places to compete in Iloilo, how do you keep your menu and offers exciting?

We just want to provide simple home-cooked comfort meals. We don’t just offer good food, we offer a very comfortable environment where everyone will be able to feel at ease – like they are dining at home.

What are some of the biggest challenges you have encountered and what did you learn from them?

Initially, we kept trying to invent new and interesting dishes. But we realized that here in Iloilo, they don’t really need very fancy meals. They like good, simple, authentic food, made affordable and cooked with love.

What is the biggest fulfillment you have in having this business venture?

We have started to become part of the weekly routine for families and friends. And it’s heartwarming to know that LS Cafe holds that special place in their hearts.

outside ls cafe

Any final message or advice you can share to someone who is dreaming about having a restaurant?

Keep it simple and sincere.

To learn more about the place, please visit may full post about LS Cafe by Lifesprings Community.


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