Free Online and Educational Money Games for Kids

Through the years, things have changed. Especially in these post-pandemic times when we are all trying to mitigate and as much as possible the least contact when dealing with money. Some of the kids are not so exposed anymore to bills and coins as most of us are shifting to the digital and modern way of paying our due dates and payables.

They would often see us swipe cards, generate QRs, or pay via our mobile phones. They could rarely see us paying in bills and coins. To live in this digital world is a bit of a challenge to show the next generation how adults pay for their stuff. While most parents would want to show the actual money flow in society, it is also a great alternative to make the kids understand money while having fun through interactive online games.

The following are a few of the money games from that are specially developed for kids which will help them understand bills and coins better. These money games are guaranteed the best simulator as if your kids are exposed to the real thing.

Cash Back

My mom manages a small convenience store, we call it a sari-sari store in our place where everyone can buy “sari-sari” (various) items in retail. They can buy candies in one piece, shampoo in a sachet, or a biscuit per pack. I am exposed to selling and quick in giving exact change.

Cash Back

Play Cash Back Here

This game works like this where kids should give the change or cash back from the customers. It is a great way to train children to be quick on how to circulate money, hone their basic Math skills, and build their confidence as they can positively give the correct change whenever needed.

Grocery Cashier

When I was a child, my dream is to become a cashier. Every time my mom would take me out to a grocery or department store, I would attentively watch how items are scanned and how cashiers would take the money. I would calculate the items to see if my computations would match the amount displayed on the monitor.

Grocery Cashier

Play Grocery Cashier Here

In this game, children can pretend to be a cashier and practice addition and subtraction. Grocery items are to be totaled and then, they will be subtracted from the virtual money.

Coffee Shop

My grandparents used to run a native coffee shop in our house. But due to the rise of instant coffee, ingredients going up, and changes in lifestyle in our neighborhood, my grandparents were not able to keep up. One of my retirement plans is to put up a coffee shop also, or a small café where aside from the warmth the drinks could offer, there is something delish that they can have.

Coffee Shop

Play Coffee Shop Here

This is game is a good simulator for children who are having plans of running a business in the near future. Here, kids will learn how to earn. This game is all out – from managing the inventory to having a strategy, and predicting the demands so the business will not go down.

Treze Coins

We always wanted to try any vendo machine we get to see. I saw on gumball machine in a mall here in my place and immediately tried how it works. Good thing that I was already a grownup when I did.

Treze Coins

Play Treze Coins Here

Good thing is that this Treze Coins game will help the kids have an idea of how the gumball machine works. It would display the amount that they need to enter into the machine before it will drop the gumball. It is very simple and a great way to help the kids learn how to count the most basic coins.


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