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“Live brighter because you live with a purpose.”

Despite the heavy rains and thunderstorms that are enough to keep people stay at home, Sun Life advisers, clients and bloggers came to participate on this years’ Sun Life Financial’s Live Brighter Forum held at Satin 2 Hall at Seda Hotel, Atria. The event’s primary purpose is to educate and to encourage the participants to live a life with a purpose.

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Making the Long Story Short with Valerie Lagarde

Valerie Lagarde is with Sun Life Financial for more than a decade and she is currently the Regional Directress for Luzon. With an hour of talk, we had a quick icebreaker, company overview, mismanagement of money, lifetime goald and finding your perfect spot.

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Sun Life Financial: A Quick Overview

Long before my grandparents were born, Sun Life Financial was already established. 1865 was the year it started. In the Philippines, it opened its operation in the year 1895 with its first office in Manila ad the rest is history. From the year 2011-2016 they are number 1 when it comes to total premiums which is a confirmation of being trusted by plurality.

Lifetime Financial Security: Goals

Who doesn’t want this part? I dream of a life where I don’t have to worry about money. I want to have my own car, my own house, good education for my future child/ren, travelling abroad and retirement. If we wanted this part, we should learn as early as now on how to properly manage our finances.

While we are employed, we do have the luxury to get money to spend through our salary. But how long can we survive to live from payday to payday? Through the discussion, this is when the mismanagement of money comes in. There was even a fun discussion of “Describe your sahod using a song title”. Several entries were Kisapmata, Isang Linggong Pag-ibig and Let It Go. For me? My entry would be – One Night Only.

Sun Life Financial encourages everyone to stary their small steps when it comes to money management – as little as P500 or P1000 can already go a long way.

Lifetime Goals: Finding Our Perfect Spot

At some point in our life, we have pictured out a great future. We also have our versions of bucketlist. Mine? It is to visit all the 81 provinces of the Philippines and to watch the Northern Lights preferrably in Iceland. Finding the perfect spot can help us all secure a better tomorrow.

The Perfect Spot

“Are you living to work? Or are you working to live?”

Perfect spot has a visualization of doing what you love, doing what you are good at and it should pay well. If one of the thing mentioned is missing, you may end up just dreaming (doing what you love that pays well), happy yet poor (doing what you love and what you are good at) or rich yet bored (doing what you are good at and pays well).

Becoming a Financial Advisor: Can Be a Perfect Spot

“Have the courage to let go of who you are today so you will step into someone even better tomorrow.” ~Robin Sharma

We were given a chance to listen to the story of Churchill Bejemino. He is actually the best example of someone from the quote above. He has a degree in Fisheries and employed at SEAFDEC yet he took the courage to take a different path.

churchchill bejemino

When I was listening to his life story, I thought I was listening to mine. We grew up almost the same. We came from a poor yet very supportive family, we live in a small house near the creek. We use kingki (oil lamps) as light. We have Askals (dog) as pets. We finished college through scholarship grants. We were employed before. The big difference is that he already found his perfect spot yet I am still working to find mine.

Though Mr. Bejemino’s talk, I came to realize that being a financial adviser is not a career that you can belittle. To become one, you have to went through a series of process – from attending conferences, taking and completing their course, passing their assessments. Included also are continuous learning of strategies and building confidence.

Sun Life Financial Advisors

As I mentioned earlier, to become one doesn’t happen overnight. You would not be recruited for the sake of recruiting. They prefer college graduates (because it will not be avoided that as adviser you will be dealing with various people.

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Interested persons must also be open for training and can easily adapt to the work culture. The mentality should be mission first before commission and educating first before selling.


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What to do you want to do with your life? Do you want to follow your passion? Do you want to live with a purpose? Do you want to help in securing the future of other people? Good news – you can do all of these.


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