Rebuy or Regret: My Personal Review on Careline’s Shadow Palette (Color Paradise)

It is our company’s read-end party again and I decided to come in a plain navy blue dress. I was thinking of having a neutral or pink makeup look but the overall look was too plain. I was running out of time when I headed to one of the malls to ask their salesladies if they would have a recommendation for a dark and bold eyeshadow product.

Careline's Shadow Palette

You can also buy Careline’s Palette here.

One of them presented me the Careline’s Shadow Palette (Color Paradise) which has a blue color in it. The blue matte and the blue glitter. I think the palette looks pretty decent so I bought it and immediately wore test.

Dry vs. Wet Palette

I tried using a dry brush and dry eyeshadow powder. The look was okay but it wasn’t the dark and bold blue I was looking for.

Careline's Shadow Palette (Color Paradise)

You can also buy Careline’s Palette here.

For the second test, I tried spritzing the brush with a makeup mist. I think I like the texture and pigment better than the dry one.

The Final Look

On the day of the event, I spritz the eyeshadow brush with makeup mist and add more glitter from the makeup stash I have.

Careline's Shadow Palette (Color Paradise) look

You can also buy Careline’s Palette here.

With the help of setting spray, the eye look was locked all the duration of the event popping some color on my face.

Since there is a bold color on my eyelids, I opted to go lighter on the blush and the lips so the focus would stay on the eyes.

The Value for Money

I got this at P199 and I think it was not a bad purchase. It has a shelf life of 24 months and the color combination it has is unique from what I usually have. I will have its place on my makeup rotation.

I haven’t tried the other color combinations yet because this shade is so strong for an everyday makeup look but I would give them a try.

Rebuy or Regret

Regret. Not recommended as everyday makeup but if you are into striking makeup combos, then this is a good one.


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