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It has been 4 long years since our previous trip to the place Where the Mountains Meet the Seas and now we are back! This time, we made the trip short limiting it to day trip only. We were able to visit two known places in Aningalan, San Remigio, Antique – the Igbaclag Cave (Rock Formation) and the High Land Strawberry Garden.

strawberry garden antique

How to Get There

In Molo (Brgy. San Pedro) Terminal, you need to ride a bus that is going to Sibalom. From Sibalom town proper, you need to ride a jeepney or a motorcycle (habal-habal) going to the area.

We chose the easier way – rented a van ahead that will take us to the places. The ride is approximately 3 to 3 and a half hours. Here’s the phone number of Kuya Driver we had: 09565034764. Please contact him for your Antique tours need.

Upon arrival, we registered to their local tourism office. Here are the fees we paid:

  • 30 php for the environmental fee for Icbaclag Cave
  • 50 php for the environmental fee for High Land Strawberry Garden

We visit the Igbaclag Cave first. There were two guides who accompanied us – Ate Beth and Ate Didi.

Igbaclag Cave

Igbaclag Cave (rock formation) is a simple climb and glide. If you have been to Ugong Rock Adventures in Palawan, this trip is the mini version. There are two parts of the rock formation – the day and the night. In the “day” part, the path are well-lighted but in the “night part” you will need you phones’ flashlight to guide your way.
At the entrance you will see cottages (for free) where you can rest and eat your packed snacks. Before reaching the cave, you will see a lunok and you will also need to pass by a short hanging bridge.

Kruhay sa Igbaclag

Beginners like us are only allowed to check low and easy parts of the rock formation. The guide told us that there are also other paths accessible but only for the expert’s level.

Igbaclag Cave

After the “day” cave, we also went to check out the “night” cave. It is pretty much easier than the “day” one but as I have mentioned, you need your flashlights are lights inside. There were bats and balinsasayaw nests all over.

entering the cave

night cave

Bonus in the area:

In the area you can also find rafflesia (but unfortunately, they were not in bloom when we came) and also the 200-year-old Lawaan tree.

lawaan tree

Ate Beth (our guide) told us that there is also a 30-minute-walk in the area to see the viewing deck – overlooking Aningalan (but we didn’t came there because of time constraints – you may want to inquire this one in your own trip).

After the short trip, we head to Highland Strawberry Garden where we have decided also to have our lunch.

High Land Strawberry Garden

Aside from the 50 php environmental fee you paid in the tourism office, you also need to pay 50 php entrance fee in the place. This is where we had our lunch and rest a little. Then you can start checking on the strawberry beds where real strawberries are (not in the key chain).

high land strawberry

strawberry garden

Good thing those in Panay and neighboring areas do not need to go as far as Baguio to have a strawberry picking experience.

strawberry picking

Aside from strawberries, you will also enjoy other scenes in the place like their lettuce and cabbage beds, landscapes and photo opportunities spots.
Strawberry picking experience is not complete without taking home the strawberries. It is sold per kilo at 600 php or you can buy a small pack at 100 php.

antique strawberry
In the area you can also do a vegetables shopping where we got cheap, fresh and beautiful looking veggies such as tomato (a fruit technically; sold at 10 php per kilo), baby carrots (20 php per bundle), lettuce (40-60 php per bundle), radish (15 php per kilo), baguio beans (40 php per kilo) and so much more.

Complete the experience by dropping by at San Joaquin area where you can buy other pasalubongs like bandi, bukayo, chicharon and yema on your way home.
This is where our Antique day trip ends. See you again (hopefully not 4 more years after) soon!

On behalf of Cherrie and Cris, I would like to thank the Dlinkers Team for letting us be in this trip.


Entrance fees, prices, location and other information may change from the date this blog is posted. This blog post is written for FREE and is subject to the author’s perspective but may change upon next visit/s.


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