With Grand Canyon Corporate Sales, an Elevated VIP Experience Awaits

Grand Canyon Multi Holdings Inc has established a rather decorated history of providing the most sought-after automotive products and services to clients all over the country. Of course, innovations continue to be made over the years. While the target market has mainly been on a widespread and rather commercial level, it goes without saying that Grand Canyon also aims to satisfy the needs of those who belong in the business and private sectors of the metro. This is where Grand Canyon Corporate Sales enters the picture.

Grand Canyon Corporate Sales

Grand Canyon Corporate Sales was founded back in September 2022, with the vision of promoting excellent service that is reflective of the company’s established standard. Spearheaded by Tata Uy, Kristine Joy Marañon, Meryl Grace Mabunay, and Donna Gozun, primarily focuses on the sale of top-of-the-line vehicles and providing quality service to clients. However, it goes far beyond dealing with a wider market. It was established primarily to conduct business with local government units (LGU) in providing them with their annual service and transportation requirements. Such examples would be responder units, rescue vehicles, ambulances, and trucks or heavy equipment. Moreover, Corporate Sales also envision itself as the go-to choice for private establishments and companies to accommodating their transportation needs, by providing company transport for hotels, pharmaceutical company, and utility vehicles, for instance.

Grand Canyon Corporate Sales VIP

It takes pride in being a wholly unique component of GCMHI, going far beyond expectations to create an elevated VIP experience for clients while directly acting as front liners that personally communicate and deal with higher management. Corporate Sales put in extensive effort to maintain harmonious relationships with bank partners all over the metro.

Grand Canyon Corporate Sales VIP Exp

The Corporate Sales slogan is simply D.E.A.L., which translates to Direct, Efficient, Alternative, and Local. Potential clients are guaranteed a smooth, fast, and easy transaction every time. Requirements will be taken care of in the most efficient and most timely manner possible, ensuring that you will receive your dream vehicle for your personal or business use sooner rather than later. Great corporate discounts are also on the horizon for customers, proving to be a great alternative in the local market. With that said Grand Canyon Corporate Sales leaves its footprint in Iloilo City as the primary choice for automotive products and services that meet or even exceed customer expectations.


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