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Facebook post ideas are not complicated to try. Facebook, being the lowkey major social media in the local market, is presenting various ways on how you can reach potential customers. Everyone has a FREE access to it but sadly not everyone has discovered yet its features and full functions.

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If you are into food business, people would expect food as your main photos and marketing materials the moment they land in your page. But what if there are other posts that can help you sell? Would you try to craft and post them?

Below are few ideas what else can you post in your Facebook page when you feel like you are running out of content.

Here are some Facebook Posts Ideas

1. Owner Stories

Not too long ago, I personally launched the Epicure Series. I reached out to restaurant owners in the city and nearby towns if I can interview them and share a quick feature about them. A good number has responded. I still have few pending stories to be posted. (If you want to get featured to my Epicure Series, please feel free to send me a message. I am writing stories for FREE.)

But if you are not comfortable to share your personal stories to other people and let them post it, you can craft one and maybe share it on your own page. It can be as simple as you can think of. Personal questions but at the same time keeping it in line what you offer.

Few ideas are:

Why did you enter into a restaurant business?

What was your biggest fulfilment in owning this venture?

What is your personal favorite from your menu?

Do you like your coffee hot or iced?

What was the best lesson you learned so far?


Marie, one of the owners of this restaurant, is enjoying her slice of pizza. After a long day of accounting the sales and conducting strategic planning with the team, Marie can usually ease stress with our special pizza.

This is our best-seller! We can deliver it to you at 500php per box. Simply slide into our messenger or call 09123456789.

woman eating
photo from pexels | for visualization purposes

You do not have to answer one question every day. You can have it once or twice a month or whenever you are comfortable.

2. Business Stories

Here, you may include stories about your restaurant that customers do not know yet. Most of time, in the “normal” days, people would come and eat. This could be the best time you can introduce a quick story about your restaurant.

What is the story behind the name?

Why did you choose the theme?


“We keep everything wooden in design at our cafe! It adds up a good ambiance to coffee culture. We also got books so our customers can read while they take a sip of their favorite brew.

We can deliver your favorite coffee fix to you! Just call 09123456789 to place your order.”

photo from pexels | for visualization purposes

Why are you located wherever you are located now?

Any future plans to branch out and expand?

3. Fun Facts

Share trivia! Posts starts with “did you know” can instantly catch attention. It must be human nature that we are interested to know stories and facts that could add up to our knowledge.


Did you know that Yummy Restaurant was established in 1925? It started as a humble eatery serving pancit and now we are already serving it bread! The lights that you see is the original ones from the very beginning.

Taste our 95-year-old-pancit by placing your order for takeout or delivery today! Call or text 09123456789.

photo from pexels | for visualization purposes

4. Virtual Tour

You can also create a virtual tour of your place. You can take photos of your wall décor, frames, painting and share a story of it. Why your chairs and tables are color red. If you have conference rooms, 2nd floor, mezzanine, 1st floor. Small details that us customers have not noticed, this could be their chance to look at it – virtually. And maybe when dine in will be allowed, they might look for it.


Empty chairs for now but not empty memories! These cozy chairs and tables were silent witnesses how our patrons enjoyed their bowls of linaga.

You can still enjoy a bowl with the comforts of your chairs at home. We deliver within city area! Simply call 09123456789 to place your order.

photo from pexels | for visualization purposes

5. Customer Stories

Your restaurant may have been a venue of something so special to the customer. It holds a special place in their hearts that whenever they hear your restaurant name, they remember something so special. You might not know that people had their first date, where they proposed, favorite family hangout, where they get heartbroken but the cheesecake you are serving is too delicious so they get better right away.

You can outsource stories to your customers by asking them. Some customers are comfortable enough to share their memorable experiences. Some are even excited to provide photos!


Best friends Lorna and Jane hanging out at our restaurant. Except that they love each other, they also love our bruschetta! For sure you will love our bruschetta too!

You can start loving it by placing your order through our messenger or contact 09123456789 today.

photo from pexels | for visualization purposes

6. Staff Feature

My favorite. I know a few restaurant who are really taking the effort to take a photo of their staff and “flex” them to the world. Their quick stories could sell better than a close up photo of your lasagna, who knows. Introduce your cashier, guard, delivery guy, manager, supervisor, everyone.


We are open today for takeout and deliveries. Here’s a photo of Anna, our lovely cashier. Ready to take your orders!

Craving for our fried chicken? Please send us a message or text or call 0123456780.

photo from pexels | for visualization purposes

Some business owners enthusiastically posts random photos of their staff bonding moments during work, if it’s one of their staff’s birthday, if they bought some snacks for them.

7. Customer Reviews

Another favorite. This is the part where you can showcase your composure and professionalism as business owner. It is a given that you cannot please everyone. There will be customers who will leave combinations of feedback – bad and good.

For me, reviews are like “evidences” of real experiences from real people. You can enable review feature on your page and at the same time, you can “screenshot” reviews of your customers and post it on your page.


See what our customers think about our ube-cheese pandesal! Curious? Have a bite of our ube-cheese pandesal by ordering a pack today.

Just send us a message and we will deliver it right away. Here’s our number: 09123456789.

screenshots of reviews | for sample only

Reviews Reminders

Don’t create fake and make up reviews. Your audience are not gullible not to determine whether what was written is true or too-good-to-be-true. You will not only lie to them but you are also lying to yourself. At the end of the day, what good will it bring to you? Focus your efforts in making your food and service better and for sure real reviews from real customers will not be that hard to get.

Don’t hire dummy accounts to leave reviews. It is a no secret that some digital marketing agency is offering this kind of service. Instead of spending your marketing funds in this antic, please spend it elsewhere such as running a social media contest or hosting a soup kitchen.

Don’t leave bad reviews on your competitors. You are better than that guy who keeps an extra Facebook account for the purposes of leaving bad reviews to his competitors. Shocking as it may seem, but yes there are people who do this. Channel your efforts in working on ways such as thinking of plans on how you can improve your service, what else to add on your menu or on how you can tweak your current offerings designed in this “new normal”.

8. Behind-the-scenes

Just like in movies or series, they would present photos or videos how the team did successfully came up with the output. You can mimic the same kind and pull it for your business. For example photos for chef sautéing, people preparing the boxes for delivery, cleaning the sink, wiping the table. Anything you can give the customers sort of a teaser of how the food they ordered was actually made.


Our staff Celine, busy taking orders through our official numbers and Facebook Page with a wide smile on her face.

Place your orders today! Our numbers are 09123456789 and 09101234567.

photo from pexels | for visualization purposes

9. Packed Customer Orders

Excite your customers by posting the things being ordered through your communication channels. It is also a form of legitimacy that you are prudent and prompt to prepare everything lodge in your ordering queue.


One box of doughnuts on its way to Commission Civil, Jaro ordered by customer Mary!

Want your own box too? Call or text us at 09123456789.

box donut
photo from pexels | for visualization purposes

Other example is taking photo of your delivery guy to entice customers that orders are coming in and out of your establishment.


Elmer, our delivery guy, is on his way to deliver your orders! Keep safe Elmer!

Our delivery number is 03123456789.

delivery guy

photo from pexels | for visualization purposes

10. Successful Orders

There is no best proof of successful order than photos of customers receiving them in actual. You can ask your staff to take a photo of the customer. If the customer gives permission, perfect! Based on experience, 90% of the time customers are okay with featuring them in the Facebook page.


Our handsome customer Vince happily receiving his pizza order. We may not see his smile because of the mask, you can easily tell by the look in his eyes.

Have your pizza delivered too! Contact our number at 09123456789.

photo from pexels | for visualization purposes


You can also try to request a photo of your customer enjoying their order. They might be kind to send you one for your content.


Beautiful Hannah sent us a photo of her with our pizza while she is enjoying the nice view at their terrace.

Have your pizza delivered at your doorsteps by calling us at 09123456789!

photo from pexels | for visualization purposes

Important Points

Always include Call-to-Action (CTA) in every post. CTA is a phrase that tells the customer exactly what action to take and how to take it. In the examples provided, CTA is telling them to contact your to place their order. “Place your orders today! Our numbers are 09123456789 and 09101234567.”

Include photos as much as possible at all post. This can back up your description well. While it is okay to repost photos if the resources is a challenge, you can try to take fresh photos daily or more often and try to upload unique ones next time.

Keep the updates consistent. Make it a habit to post content in your page as often as you can. For me, ideal is once a day. This is to stay at the top of the minds of your fans and the next they want to order something, you are the one they will call because they remember you too well.

Keep your lines open and be responsive. Charge your phone/tablet or whatever medium you have. Make sure you provide budget for load too so you can respond to your customers messages. It will be useless to keep on reaching potential customers but you cannot convert them into sales.

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Over to You

These are only few ideas. You are always welcome to try and experiment other posts that can help you find your target. If you already have a set of strategy that works, no need to ruin your post rotation.

New normal teaches us physical and social distancing, but this would not mean distancing ourselves to everyone. Through digital connectivity, we may become closer to each other in a different way.


Sheila is a legal editor and a digital marketing enthusiast. She is a kdrama fan, a dog person and a certified foodie!

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