Buying eLoad Made Better with M Lhuillier’s Telco, Gaming, and TV Loading Services

Gone are the days when we needed to scavenge at the major malls, authorized retailers, and main sari-sari stores to stay connected and access essential services through our mobile phones and devices.

Buying eLoad Made Better with M Lhuillier

Now, M Lhuillier has successfully partnered with the country’s leading telecommunications companies —Smart Communications, GLOBE & DITO Telecommunity, and Load Central to give the Filipino people access to a new and better way of reloading.

Through M Lhuillier’s Telco, Gaming, and TV Loading, subscribers can now buy prepaid loads online. Aside from load, consumers can also purchase sim cards, retailer sim cards, and pocket Wi-fi devices. More than 3000 branches of M Lhuillier’s nationwide are equipped with knowledge and facilities to cater to subscribers who want to purchase e-Load.

How the M Lhuillier eLoad Works

First, you visit the M Lhuillier eLoad. The interface is simple. Only necessary details are included for you to fill out.

Next, you need to fill out all the necessary details. The recipient number, the email address where you will be receiving payment updates, and the network provider of the recipient. When buying a prepaid load, make sure to double-check the amount and the mobile number to avoid any mistakes. Additionally, keep your transaction receipts or confirmations as proof of purchase in case any issues arise.

visit the M Lhuillier eLoad

Here also is where you can select if you wish to subscribe to promos or wish to subscribe to regular load. When you select promos, you will be able to access the different load promotions available depending on your network provider.

Lastly, you select the mode of payment. Here, you will have the option to pay via Dragonpay or your ML Wallet balance.

Notable Features of the Online Platform

Promos available.

M Lhuillier’s eLoad portal also offers promos from our preferred network provider. Aside from regular load, users can subscribe to their favorite promotions.

Network and mobile number mismatch detection.

The transaction will not proceed if the user has accidentally keyed in and selected the mismatched service provider. It will stop the process until you have added the correct number that is a match to your selected network.

Network and mobile number mismatch detection

Status of Transaction

The online platform also provides an option to check the status of the transaction you have made. This is to ensure that the transaction is successfully made.

Status of Transaction

Why e-Load is A Popular Choice for Filipinos?

e-Load refers to electronic load or electronic credits that are essential in the Philippines. This is what many are using to top up mobile phones, especially the prepaid subscribers. This is more convenient as it allows users to purchase load credits for their mobile phones in real-time and electronically, without the need for physical scratch load cards.


The Philippines is one country where many are still using prepaid mobile services rather than postpaid plans. The birth of e-Load allows users to conveniently top-up their prepaid mobile phones anytime and anywhere.


e-Load is widely available through various channels. M Lhuillier, for example, offers e-Load in its more than 3000 branches nationwide ensuring accessibility that the majority can easily access mobile phone credits.


e-Load provides a means for people who do not have the budget to opt for postpaid subscriptions or buy more expensive load cards. By e-Loading system, people can buy in retail, and it promotes financial inclusion for individuals to engage in online transactions and communication.


Mobile phones are a way of life for Filipinos. Aside from the basic calls and texts, mobile phones are also widely used to access the internet and connect with social media. Having e-Load ensures the user stays connected with their loved ones, accesses important information, and participates in digital discussions.

M Lhuillier eLoad Other Reloading Services

Aside from the traditional E-Load popular with Filipinos, M Lhuillier E-Load also offers reloading services for the following:

Satellite TV

● Cignal
● GPinoy
● GSat
● Marino PhonePal

Multimedia / Gaming

● BIGO Live
● Blizzard
● Blizzard Battle
● Cherry Credits
● Diablo III
● Dragon Nest
● Game Club
● Gameyez
● Garena, EX Cash
● Heartstone
● iTunes
● Laplace Mobile
● Lead Hope
● Light of Thel
● MARVEL Super War
● Mine Craft Minecoins
● Mobile Legends
● MU Origin
● Nintendo E-Shop
● One Punch
● Overwatch
● PlayPark
● PlayStation
● PUBG Mobile
● Pusoy Pinoy
● Ragnarok
● Razer Gold
● Roblox
● Rohan Online
● Rule of Survival
● SNSPortal
● Softnyx
● Steam Wallet
● Tongits War
● Triplejack
● UCoins
● War of Rings
● War Portal
● Warportal
● Wintyme
● World of Dragon
● XBox Live

Tips For Managing Your E-Load

Lastly, here are the tips on how to manage your E-Load effectively and efficiently when you are in the Philippines.

Choose Reliable Retailers

Look for reputable and authorized retailers like M Lhuillier eLoad when purchasing e-loads to ensure that you receive legitimate credits and avoid scams.

Check Promotions

Keep an eye out for promotions and discounts offered by mobile network operators and retailers. Discounts and promotions are dynamic, and you might have additional savings if you can stay updated.

Monitor the e-Load Expiration Dates

Be aware of the expiry dates of your e-load credits. Each promo has a different validity period, so use them before they expire to avoid losing them and to maximize the value of your money.

Define What You Need

Tailor your e-Load purchase depending on your needs. If you need more calls and texts, opt for the promotions that focus on such. If you need more mobile data for internet use, then choose a promo for it. Avoid purchasing more credits than you need and mismatch promotions to prevent wastage.

E-load is indeed the popular and convenient way for Filipinos to stay connected, given the country’s telecommunications landscape. As subscribers, let us also stay vigilant and report issues promptly when we encounter any problems with our e-load transactions, such as failed transactions or missing credits.

In buying E-Load, consideration on using electronic platforms for purchasing E-Load often offers convenience, security, and additional features. This is only a start for the venture of M Lhuillier in loading services. As the loading services evolve, we can also vouch for M Lhuillier to adapt to the changing times and needs of its customers.



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