As early as 1615, Igbaras was already a visita of the Augustinian Missionaries. It was in “Tinogpahan” in the vicinity of Binanua-an that the first Iglesita or chapel was founded by Rev. Juan de Medina. Missionaries found out that three datos ruled the settlement in Igbaras. Binanua-an in Kipot Area […]

Estancia is known as the Alaska of the Philippines. Estancia began as a small barangay of fishermen from Capiz with in the pueblo of Carles during the Spanish time. Its first settlers were the families of Latinu Rodriguez and Juan Magbanua. In 1847, they were joined by several other families […]

San Dionisio is known as the Clay Town. In 1877, the Spaniards, stumbled around allay taking village called Lakdayan (from lakbay-to cross) because people used to pass this place from the mainland to a nearby isle by wading at the sea during morning. The village leader was Dionesio who cleared […]

Guimbal got its name from “cymbal” an ancient Malayan drum. It is about 29 kilometers from Iloilo City, the Capital of the Province, it is also a coastal town facing the Panay Gulf. Its people are pre-dominantly farmers, though most of the younger generation are practicing professionals here in the […]

The three main activities of the DBP are loaning banking, and the sale of progress bonds. Generally, these loans are classified as agricultural, industrial, and real estate. Banking is concentrated on savings and time deposits. Progress Bonds are sold to finance the further economic development of the Philippines. All particular […]