The Municipality of Miagao

The town of Miagao is one of the seven towns comprising the First District of the Province of Iloilo. It is situated at the southern part of Iloilo Province, approximately 40 kilometers southwest of Iloilo City en route to the Province of Antique.

The Miagawanons or Miagaweños are hard-working people, and adventurous too. Many are employed abroad as seamen, contract workers, US military personnel nurses, midwives, engineers, or doctors.

Miagao is the place of the famous Miagao Church, is a national shrine included in the World Heritage List the UNESCO and seat of the University of the Philippines in the Visayas. This coastal town became an independent municipality in 1716. It formerly was just a part of Arabal of Oton in 1580, of Tigbauan until 1592, and of Guimbal in 1716.

How Miagao derived its name has several versions, but only two are on the record. Firstly, it is believed that it came from the name of a plant called miagos which grew abundantly in the place then. Secondly, it originated from the name of an old Ati or Negrito called Miyagaw who was asked by the Spaniards of the name of the place but gave his name instead. The Spaniards mistook the answer as the response to their query.

Source: The League of Municipalities (Iloilo Chapter) | “A Testimonial Program” | Pototan, Iloilo | January 8, 1998


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