The Municipality of Batad

Batad was named after a shell.

Before the Spaniards arrived in the Philippines, there was a flourishing Malay settlement in northern Iloilo called Dulangan meaning landing place.

It was a busy trading port where Arab and Chinese traders bartered silverware for native gold (bulawan) and cowries (sigay). When the Spaniards arrived, they Hispanized the name to Embarcadero and made it a barrio of Balasan. One time the muslims attacked the port and burned it. The inhabitants then moved inland where they established a barrio which they called Batad-batad, a shell abundant in the place. Their cabeza then was Bautista Villalobos.

Later, the population grew and the people transferred to the present site of the town The old place is now called Daan Banwa or Batad Viejo. Although a progressive barrio, it was only on October 30, 1949, when President Elpidio Quirino created it as a town through the efforts of Rep. Juan V. Borra.

The town’s first Mayor was Don Evaristo Cuenca- one of those who fought for its township. He was succeeded by his son-in-law Cesar Militar (later a provincial board member).

Source: The League of Municipalities (Iloilo Chapter) | “A Testimonial Program” | Pototan, Iloilo | January 8, 1998


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