The Municipality of Leganes sprang from a small settlement in the early part of 1840 in the site now known as Barangay Guihaman. The word Guihaman originated from the presence of wild boars or guiham which inhabited or foraged the place. The early founders of the municipality named the place […]


One of the versions of how Alimodian got its name and perhaps the most popular one tells of how a group of Spanish soldiers called upon a native gathering coconuts from atop the palms, about the name of the place. Ignorant of the Spanish language and impatient that he may […]

The town of Miagao is one of the seven towns comprising the First District of the Province of Iloilo. It is situated at the southern part of Iloilo Province, approximately 40 kilometers southwest of Iloilo City en route to the Province of Antique. The Miagawanons or Miagaweños are hard-working people, […]

Tigbauan is known as the Liberation Town. When the ten Bornean datus under Datu Puti landed in Panay, the families of Maglawis and Labing-isog settled at a river bank teeming with all Tigbaw reeds. So, they called their place Katigbawan. When the Spaniards arrived, they established the encomienda based in […]

The town of Tubungan was formally founded in 1768 through the efforts of Tan Mangon in barrio Tin-an which now forms part of the present town site. Settlers came from Nahapay, Guimbal, and the neighboring towns of Leon, Igbaras, and Tigbauan. In 1769, it was an arrabal (a political unit […]

Oton, the home of progressive-minded and future-oriented people, derived its name from three popular theories. Many people believe that Oton is a Hispanic version of the phrase when they were asked by the Spanish explorers as to the time of the day. Many people still refer to the town as […]


Barotac Viejo has a chequered history. What it is today is a product of its colorful history, exciting politics, indigenous people, and very rich culture. A legend tells us that sometime in the middle of the 18th century, a group of Spanish explorers landed on the muddy coast of Barotac […]

Batad was named after a shell. Before the Spaniards arrived in the Philippines, there was a flourishing Malay settlement in northern Iloilo called Dulangan meaning landing place. It was a busy trading port where Arab and Chinese traders bartered silverware for native gold (bulawan) and cowries (sigay). When the Spaniards […]


Carles is the northernmost town of Iloilo. Carles is not only the northernmost town of Iloilo. A part of it Punta Bokawe, is the northernmost point of Panay Island. In 1847, Governor Juan Silverio of Capiz permitted Francisco Arriola of the Pueblo of Nagas (now a town of Aklan) to […]